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We have created a free web site in and created a domain based email account with Gmail, our domain based email ID is : Now I need help to change MX record of to point email to Gmail account.

Enter the following MX records of google :

You may not be able to enter the priority value exactly as it appears in the table below—if you can, make sure each record follows the indicated order. If you aren't able to assign priorities, you should only enter Set any TTL values to 1 Hour (value=3600).
Priority Points to

Note: ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM is the top priority mail server. Don't assign the top priority to any other servers. Learn more about mail server priority. Be sure to include trailing dot (.) at the end of any full-qualified domain names (for example, if your MX records require this format.

Save your changes.

If any one can help me to change the MX record of Domain ? I want some one who can access my computer via remote control/teamviewer to change the mx record. I am not expert to change this record so I need some one who can do it for me. Thanks