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First of all this is a handy tutorial full of images i use.

1. Sign up [url=][/url]

A. Click that image afterwards you will be derive in the
: Option 1 Log-in
: Option 2 Log-in

Note: For fast registration you use the Option 1 Log-in..

2.Once you complete the sign-up process you will be derived in the domain panel.

A. Click Domain Panel
B. Click Add Domain
C. The referrer (you can use the example given)
D. Pick how long you want your domain as for an example i use there maximum 1 year.
Then enter the Security Code
Lastly, submit it just only click the green button below the form.


If your domain registration was successfully accepted the image would appear.

4.Modify your domain name.

A: Click Domain panel
B: Click Domain panel below the domain panel
C: You can either click among the two options. (your domain or the domains' Modify)

5.After you click the #4-C this should be the result.

A: Click the Costum DNS
B: then, enter this
below the Host name (it appears a rectangle box) leave the IP addres do not put anything to it.
C: Click the Add New to have a new box below the host name.
D: then, enter the
below the one you entered the first one.. just the same leave the IP addres blank
E: lastly save it Just click Save Changes
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