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May domain name has been attached to the account (site).

But when I try to open the site using my address the message below is shown:

Esta página não está funcionando
Redirecionamento em excesso por
Tente limpar os cookies.

I could to attach my domain following the Admin suggestion, using, so, it works but as I told I cannot open the site, only using I could open and browser.

Using CMD, I ping my address and I had response from the uCoz server without problems.

So, I don't know why the site isn't opening. sad

Could you help me, please?

Best Regards,


Added (2017-06-13, 3:05 PM)
Hello everyone,

I found a solution and I'll like to share with you.

Following the path from uCoz (Page Editor > General Settings) I set the option [x] The domain is a primary one:

It add the prefix www. to the domain automatically.

So, now the address is working fine. smile

If someone has the same problem, follow the above solution too, good luck!

Best regards,

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