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I deattacted old website url by new domain to this url ucoz site
It's success,

But my old url still is connected with Server IP: although I changed A record at 3rd registar's domain about 2 day ago.

When i connect old website url, I have this announce "DOMAIN IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING ATTACHED!"If you have just attached the domain to the website, wait 15 minutes.

I message to you about 1 day ago, when i change name domain successfully.
So, That problem can be fixed by ucoz team ? Please deattách old website url out of IP server (by Ucoz)

I hope you can rely ASAP.


Added (2017-11-10, 2:32 AM)
thank you, I solved ít.
I changhe A record from old registar domain, instead of new other.
thank you.
Please close thís post.

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