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Hi there,
I followed the above instruction to set up emails for my website. But I couldn't get emails set up. When I tried to set an test email, it got bounced back saying" rejected your message to the following email addresses: (
The address you sent your message to wasn't found at the destination domain. It might be misspelled or it might not exist. Try to fix the problem by doing one or more of the following:....."

Not sure if I missed any steps. Pls see below.
My Yandex account shows that my website has been confirmed.

Then I entered "10" under Variable Records in Expert mode of Manage DNS records as:

Subdomain Type Value soa, serial=2018112545 a ns ns ns a


Subdomain Type Value mx 10 mx 10 mx 10 mx 10 mx 10 mx 5 mx 5 mx 1

By the way, the Basic Mode is like this: ("Leave unchanged" option is checked)

You can set up email processing and create domain-based email boxes like

Mail processing service
Google Mail (GMail) Guide
do not process mail
X Leave unchanged

Also, there is no Verify MX records button in my Yandex account. Can someone help pls? Thanks in advance!!!