Message # 1 | 12:32 PM
Hello, i could use some help getting my PHP Script to work on my uCoz website.

I have tried on another webhost that allowed me to upload direct to the root of the website, but here on uCoz it's a bit diffrent, because there is two diffrent FTP Servers, one for normal files and another for scripts.

I've been trying looking at the usage of PHP on uCoz. And tried some of the examples, but they arnt working.

What i need is just to show the PHP script in the page.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you smile

Added (2012-09-29, 6:29 AM)
I've been trying some stuff now like this: But its not working .. its just blank, dosnt even show the php code.

<script type="text/javascript">
     function updatepostdata(result) { $('#postdiv').html(result); }
<div id="postdiv"></div>
<iframe frameborder="0">
     <form action=\"/php/class.php" method=\"POST\">
         <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"field0\" value=\"test_".rand()."\">
         <input type=\"submit\" value=\"Go\">

Added (2012-09-29, 6:32 AM)
Also been trying to find some tutorials on youtube, but they are all on Russian, and i dont understand that. I tried to look at the video though without sound, and i tested something from but i just want my script to work. cry