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Can I integrate payment method of my country into uCoz
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Message # 1 | 2:40 PM
As thread title mention, I would like to enable PHP features and integrate payment of my country into some modules.
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Message # 2 | 2:14 PM
Good, can you provide more information about the mentioned payment method/service? I personally don't think it's possible to use a custom payment method, but we'll see.
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Message # 3 | 0:16 AM
Thanks bigblog.

I mean I want to integrate with a payment gateway in my country (NL)- that I would like to add more fields in Stuff modules. When user add an entry, they have to fill 2 more fields (these fields will connect with payment gateway) - if they fill in correct, they will able to add the entry. Otherwise, they will be refused.

Please help! Thanks!
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Message # 4 | 5:24 PM
Good, I would personally recommend you work within the payment systems provided by the uCoz service. smile Modules outside of the E-Shop module may not have the required security restrictions implemented to ensure data security, and personal information, especially payment information, placed within insecure fields is a disaster waiting to happen.

Although it sounds like it would be possible, it would require a large amount of custom coding (most likely involving custom php function calls), and as I have said above, data security cannot be ensured which on today's internet isn't a necessarily safe way to conduct transactions or store user personal information.

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