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Site blocking
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Message # 1 | 12:06 PM
If anyone is hit with a Copyright Infringement on a picture. I suggest that you never use the same title for a different image. Given they have a very poor inspection system. After 3 years of service. We have always complied towards any complaint. Yet recently we were told to remove an image. Then replied to the sent email from Ucoz concerning the image. To state the image has been removed and changed. Thus we proceeded with supplying a non copyrighted image. That was fanart in the same directory. Under the same title as the previous image, but shortened. We shared the belief. That Ucoz being as long as it has been around with a vast community. That they would be rather professional. When it comes to inspections. This could not be further from the truth.

A few days later. Upon trying to access the site. It was found to be blocked. We were stunned as to why. Given we have always upheld and followed the procedures set by the site. We then proceeded to venture in our email. To find out. We were being blocked for the issue we resolved days prior to after receiving the first notice. Not only the image we stated was removed and changed. There was no follow up as to the restoration of our site. Nor a way to compensate us for the time lost. After receiving our reply. Even till now our site remains in the same state. As we are rethinking our current hosting service provider. To not have a sense of control of one's site. Due to another's poor inspections. Is a very fearful experience. Especially if one is thinking long term.

We suggest people to tread very carefully. Even with our 3 years of dedicated service under a paid plan. We still fell victim to a matter; which we had no control over. Nor to have it resolved promptly.
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Message # 2 | 1:45 PM
Cloned_Searos, after investigating your issue, unfortunately, we're unable to assist with the matter here on the forums. If you could please get in touch with our Abuse department via http://ucoz.com/abuse, a member of the Abuse team will review your site regarding the mentioned infringements and reply to you given the outcome.

I can guarantee 100% our Abuse team act with the utmost professionalism, and in no circumstance would wish for you to feel victimised by this incident. Situations where faults in the operational procedures arise are possible, and as such we embrace these to better our processes and improve the level of customer service we deliver as a company.

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Message # 3 | 4:00 PM
The worse part is. We are informed to contact the abuse team; which we just stated we have. On numerous occasions prior to the incident. There is no immediate or delayed response. To say the abuse team acts 100% with the utmost professionalism. Yet we are in this predicament. Given the lack of professionalism. Is a bit of a stretch. How does 1 even begin to block a site. Yet not overlook the content of what is the cause to warrant a block/report. When the original statement is attached to the email by the abuse team. To clarify; which was the cause of infringement.

1 of 2 things happened. The abuse team/customer service lacks the man power to keep up with its paying clients. If not so, there is something seriously wrong with the inspections department. Given they either opt not to read the tickets or read them half heartedly. While initiating the wrong procedures.

What was more insulting was how it was clear as day. As to how they completely ignored the previous email. Also, how very different the image art was. To not notice the change. While presenting an incoherent response.


We recieved new message:

Content still there. Please suspend this account completely now.
Time is up.

Your web-site will be blocked, util you wouldn't delete infiring materials.

Best regards, Ilya,
uCoz Web-Serivce

This staff member needs to be seriously evaluated. This may not be their first incident.
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Message # 4 | 11:55 AM
Cloned_Searos, please provide your site's URL or your email you contacted the Abuse Team from (here or in a private message).
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Message # 5 | 8:18 PM
I have the same problem - Copyright Infringement.

In e mail , there are no message of any link to material where the violation, what to do? :(

I do not have any message to e mail

website - http://subtitri.do.am
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Message # 6 | 11:55 PM
Piens, Kindly look the content you post. Maybe you have been reported by the google DMCA.
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Message # 7 | 2:20 AM
This is a worrying thing, i was blocked once for ridiculous reason angry
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Message # 8 | 10:56 AM
Piens, have you contacted our technical support already? If not, do it - you'll receive a reply in max 48 hours.
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Message # 9 | 3:29 PM
Piens, the Abuse Team have replied to your message and provided the links you need to delete.
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Message # 10 | 1:46 AM
My site was blocked because I didnt have the ad banners on all my pages.I tried to place them on every page this past week but they wouldnt show.

I emailed the abuse team and they didnt help. I asked for a code so I could place the said banners on each web page and still no help.

Now my site is blocked, I cant get it unblocked unless I pay Ucoz to do so and I have lost all my work.

I have been with Ucoz for 2 years and always enjoyed adding new content and editing my html pages. I am new to both and am still learning but for Ucoz to jump the gun and do this is totally unfair and uncalled for.

I didnt do this on purpose, i did try to fix the problem and POOF they decide to lock me down.

I hope your team (((abuse team)) is proud of themselves. I have lost all interest in working with this site ever again. So not happy and sickened by the way I have been treated.

I am an elder and learning to do HTML and creating a web site was enjoyable for me but not so much anymore.


Thanks for breaking my hopes Ucoz.

Good Bye!
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Message # 11 | 11:36 AM
Xpressionz136362, the code of the uCoz ad banner won't work on static pages. uCoz is not just a hosting service, it's a website builder, that's why we require that users use our dynamic modules on their websites. You are not required to pay, you can just transfer the content to our Page Editor module and keep using the website for free.

I'm sorry that you feel this way, but those are our Terms of Use:

the User shall not use the Account only for file storage, not having any active (visited) web applications (Web Polls, Tag Board, Statistics, and E-mail Forms are not taken into account);

I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
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