Message # 1 | 9:48 AM
hello dear uCoz community,

so here's my problem: i try to register website. for this i need to confirm my phone number. i enter my working phone number, waiting for a confirmation code and... that's it! i do not receive any confirmation code and i can't register website. first thing i tried to do is to contact uCoz by creating a ticket. i did get reply but it doesn't help me at all, because basically all it says is that i have to double check my number, all confirmation codes where sent out. well i did checked my number dozens of times and i'm sure it is correct, but i still have not received any confirmation code. today i tried to give it another chance and once again tried to enter my mobile phone number, but no luck. no sms or anything with confirmation code. i didn't get any problems when registering with this phone number on other websites like gmail for example - i received a confirmation code in a few seconds, so it seems that the problem is with uCoz and lithuanian operators (that's where i live and that's where's my number from). btw my friend also tried to register website and he received the same issue with the confirmation code, so it seems that there's a problem with lithuanian numbers. do uCoz support them?