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Is uCoz dying?
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Message # 1 | 4:49 AM
Its too bad, i have working on long time a project in ucoz but all i see is unpromising environment of ucoz. No new update, silence on forum..and no one seem to care. The whole system is complete out of date and no new user. Like social network has taken over personal website and ucoz is out competed
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Message # 2 | 7:16 AM
Harina, as you can see, uCoz is still alive and kicking smile Not sure why you think the contrary.
If no new features (I believe that this is what you're referring to by "no updates") weren't added recently, this doesn't mean that the team isn't working on the builder - our services are constantly improved (though some changes aren't as visible and easy to notice like others - like fine tuning existing options, bug removal etc).
As for the forum, the activity here depends only on the users - if nobody has questions then yes, there may be silence.

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Message # 3 | 5:58 PM
Harina, I've changed your thread title because it was misleading.

To answer your concerns - from a now-outsider ex-team member's perspective - the uKit Group (the company behind uCoz) is still an active company and, like Felicia said, the team is actively working on all of the company's products and services. Sure, there are seemingly fewer updates than in the past, but that doesn't mean the website builder is dead. In terms of community, I agree, the forum might not be as thriving as a few years ago, but this isn't something the company is entirely responsible for.

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