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How did you hear about uCoz?
How did you hear about uCoz?
1.found in Google or other search engine[ 27 ][44.26%]
2.from friends[ 11 ][18.03%]
3.from another uCoz website (clicked on banner or copyright)[ 12 ][19.67%]
4.on YouTube[ 3 ][4.92%] some forums (e.g. webmaster forums)[ 3 ][4.92%]
6.other[ 5 ][8.20%]
Answers total: 61
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Message # 31 | 3:34 PM
I just wanted to create a site for my family. First i used WIX(flash website) and am not happy with that. It's more like a powerpoint presentation so i searched google and i got Ucoz... Do u know love at first sight????? That's wat happened for me when i see Ucoz. Anyways crux of the matter is i got this through google. wink
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Message # 32 | 3:34 PM
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I found it through Google, searching "Free websites" i think. happy

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Message # 33 | 3:34 PM
I found uCoz when trying to find a hopst for a website called NGR Humor. NGR stands for Noob Ginger Retard, the three people hosting funny stuff. We had the funny stuff, but clearly, im bad at advertising. We just stopped using the site and the site deleted itself.
Alittle while longer, i wanted to make a website for a program named 2nd Fighter Maker 2002. It looked awesome, and had alot of the features you guys put up. Nobody visited and I quit the project. But that was DMON for some reason.
I tried afew times later with comic books, game making, etc. All DMON. Well, I made anothe Game making site called Game Craft with DMON. I worked hard on that, but then discovered a hell of a lot of glitches and problems with DMON. Users couldnt change their profile info anymore, so i got a new uCoz account (forgot password to previous uCoz account), and remade GameCraft.

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Message # 34 | 3:34 PM
from my friends who using ucoz booze
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Message # 35 | 3:35 PM
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Message # 36 | 3:35 PM
on Google
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Message # 37 | 3:35 PM
like THIS !!!!!!!
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Message # 38 | 3:35 PM
I googled it. i was searching for free website builder, hosting, short domain somethin like that then i found ucoz, the best services of all, so i sticked to it.
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Message # 39 | 7:33 PM
My friend who made dubs, made a site with uCoz hosting it, and i decided to give it a try.
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Message # 40 | 0:47 AM
I found this by searching around for free sites and this came up and now I can't get away!
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Message # 41 | 3:48 PM
He saw the ad on one of the sites ucoz.
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Message # 42 | 4:31 PM
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Message # 43 | 6:47 PM
i searched for free hosterz...
i found
kinnda like your kind of hosting...
then i found you...
didn't give much attention then... [more that 3 yearz i think...]

after a while a friend of mine said: "Hey! Did you heard about that nice web host site? ucoz?"
and i said: "Yes. But i don't really know how to work on it..."
and he said: "look here what i've done with it" and he gave me his website...

so i started exploring the website, and started liking it...
now i'm the head admin of my church website, done with ucoz services...
Bless ya, Ucoz! biggrin

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Message # 44 | 9:17 PM
A friend recommended it to me. I have made several websites that never 'took off'. But I am making one now which I hope will be around for a long time.
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Message # 45 | 3:18 PM
I found uCoz from Google.I founded many web service.But I chose uCoz.
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