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Time flies day by day, but our developers are not sleeping — in a cozy office with the companion of a warm cup of coffee, they continue to surprise you with many useful updates in the uKit system! Today, we are more than happy to announce a feature suggested by many of our users: the possibility to change the template of a site.

Got bored of the old template selected at the time when you've created your site? No way to stress the situation! Now you can easily change the template of your site in only a few clicks.

Search engine optimization (occasionally entitled as 'Getting your site found') is an important thing in the life of website owners. So it is in our life, too! Our newest update brings you advanced settings for the titles from your pages (seriously, this one is quite important if you want a successful website).

So, come on — check out our blog and tell us, what do you think about the update. We are addicted to feedbacks and we want to hear YOU!

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