Message # 1 | 7:50 AM
I have worked on my dating website for over a year now and i believe its one of the most beautiful and sophisticated websites ever made in the ucoz system. I always had hopes of making some good money from it not until when i just found out i can not make any money from it. Ucoz websites are void of a user auto billing system, the kind it uses to make us pay to remove its copyrights on our websites. I just discovered that the mass user transfer is indefinite and to make it more ugly its manual. So lets say, a user has paid you an amount you charge him to use your services for specified time, probably via paypal. You have to run to the control panel, search the user and transfer him to the VIP group not forgetting the time his payment expires. Thats not sexy at all, so i have decided to sell my website to any Ucozer who might be interested because i am done with it and i have a reason to hate Ucoz really:( I will only make websites for personal usage.