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Help on avatar dimensions
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Message # 1 | 5:44 PM
Hello there, i would love some help on setting the dimensions of uploaded avatars. It seems to be stuck to 500x500px even when i change and save, the new dimension does not save. Besides, my users can not upload own avatars if when they do not exceed 500px
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Message # 2 | 0:14 AM
Datecity, I think you should suggest to uCoz to improve this feature in the future.

Currently, uCoz system does not allow any avatar bigger than 500px.

P/S: However, Facebook do not allow any avatar smaller than 160px smile
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Message # 3 | 3:46 PM
Datecity, you cannot save avatar dimensions if they are more than 500 or less than 500? And the users cannot upload avatars less than 500 px? What's the website URL?
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