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User Module in NEW CONTROL PANEL has a bug
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Message # 1 | 12:11 PM
There's a problem when searching a particular user in the User's Module:

> I cannot search a user using the Search Field

It works using the OLD CONTROL Panel.

So I switch back to OLD CONTROL PANEL.

I love the OLD CONTROL PANEL which is more user friendly and easier to use.

I NOTICE that ucoz is too slow in innovating or development.

I hope uCoz would compete Wordpress which has more capabilities, features and developers.

uCoz is too slow in developing or adding features, creating saleable scripts and themes.

Wake UP uCoz!


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Message # 2 | 9:14 AM
khen, Thank you for your report. We'll take a look at it and repair the malfunction.
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Message # 3 | 9:27 AM
Gromov, the same problem with server s104.
Post edited by Cyberdasm - Monday, 2017-06-19, 9:46 AM
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Message # 4 | 8:02 AM
Cyberdasm, we're already working on it. Soon enough it will be fixed.
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