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When I installed Social Login for my site, I had a problem that the 'FULL NAME' field was empty

I tried installing everything, using admin permissions and changing between the old CP and the new CP. It seems that everything is unchangeable. It is locked

I know that it is impossible to change 'FULL NAME' when using Social Login

So I tried changing to Local users. Suddenly it is possible to change. After the change, I switch back to uID users (uID) and try logging in again with the social network account. 'FULL NAME' back empty.

Now I do not know how to display my 'FULL NAME' on the site.
But looks like 'FULL NAME' on the my website and 'FULL NAME' on the UID is not the same? Does it mean that it is not synchronized?
I think 'FULL NAME' should be different with username, password and email. 'FULL NAME' is changeable, like an update that changed the birthdate several months ago.


And it looks like the Avatar of the Social Login function has many limitations. It changes with each different social. I think after the first login, the avatar should be stored directly to the server.

I'm looking forward to the next update.
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