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An avatar is a computer user's representation of himself/herself or alter ego, whether in the form of a three-dimensional model used in computer games, a two-dimensional icon (picture) used on Internet forums and other communities, or a text construct found on early systems such as MUDs. It is an “object” representing the embodiment of the user.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avatar_ (computing)

An avatar reflects user’s personality so when choosing an avatar remember: it will influence the way other users will see you. Some avatars can provoke irritation or rejection, and most people will transfer these emotions on the attitude towards you. So, there are some recommendations:

1. Your avatar must not be too big. The size of more than 150х150 px often corrupts forum design. Optimal size is 100х100.

2. Your avatar must not weigh much, because one forum page may turn to be quite expensive for some users. Optimal weight is 5-10 Kbyte.

3. If your avatar is animated it must not flicker too often. If it is not animated it must not be a mishmash of bright colors.

4. Avoid dirty inscriptions on avatars. Some users think it’s cool but it only shows your childishness and immaturity.

5. Avoid sexual images. If you are not a member of adult forum then this only means that you have problems with sex.

When registering a user can choose an avatar out of more than 20 default sets. If website administrator allowed Users group to Upload own avatars in user group settings, then you can set an avatar from your computer. You can also change max size of uploaded avatars. E.g.:

Maximal size (Kbytes) for uploaded avatars: 150 Kb
Maximal dimensions (Pixels) for uploaded avatars: 140x140Px

In the Control Panel in Users – Avatar Management (Main » Users » Avatars) you can select the default sets from which users will be able to choose their avatars. To disable a set (sets) remove the corresponding checkmarks.

You can also create your own avatar collections. Just follow the steps below:

  • Create a folder named "ava" in the File Manager (letters in low case).
  • Upload folders with avatars to the "ava" folder by means of any FTP client (a separate folder for each set). A set must contain not more than 100 avatars.

Your collections will have the names "Collection 1", "Collection 2", "Collection 3" and so on. You can’t give your own names to the collections.

How can I do so that Guests have definite avatars in forum (e.g. an image with the inscription "Guest").

<?if($USER_AVATAR_URL$)?><IMG SRC="$USER_AVATAR_URL$" BORDER="0"><?else?> <IMG SRC="/noavatar.gif" BORDER="0"> <?endif?>

Example of a personal block with avatars:


<table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="1" width="194" style="background-color: #F6A37B;">
<tr><td style="background-image:url('http://s101.ucoz.net/t/161/7.gif'); background-color:#FFC5A9; height: 25px; color:#CC5D28; padding-left:25px;"><b>Personal data</b></td></tr>
<tr><td align="center" style="background:#FFFAF8;padding:7px;">
Welcome, Guest!
<div> </div>
<IMG SRC="http://bridog.co.cc/ava1.gif" BORDER="0">
<div> </div>

Welcome, $USERNAME$!
<div> </div>
<?else?> <IMG SRC="http://bridog.co.cc/ava2.gif" BORDER="0"> <?endif?>
<div> </div>
<a href="$PERSONAL_PAGE_LINK$" title="My profile">My profile</a>
<div> </div>
<a href="$LOGOUT_LINK$" title="Log out">Log out</a>

Here is how it looks:

For a Guest:

For users with avatars:

For users without avatars:

How to display user's avatar in an entry: http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/7-3388-95072-16-1347889854

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Ed05, this was a system limitation put in place when the system was first developed. The system has been designed to limit the maximum value of this setting, and as such, for now, the recommended image file size is 200Kb. smile
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Paradox, ok,i hope that you will fix this problem so we will not be obliged to reduce our avatars in some picture editor to make them smal enough to upload it in our profiles dry
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How can i customize width-height of avatars in users profiles? the css tag for editing avatars is user_avatar but it wont work. i try .user_avatar {width:55px;} but nothing change, avatar is big surprised
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Ed05, let me understand that you have a HTML code like this:
<span class="user_avatar">$_AVATAR$</span>

In this case, you need to use the following CSS code:
.user_avatar img {width:55px;}

If it's not working (but it should) try to add !important after 55px, but before ";".

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bigblog, correct. Its work now,tnx again.
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Message # 171 | 1:12 AM
Avatar issue:

Avatar of member displayed on comment but there was no avatar in their profile.

I did not make any change on avatar code in profile template or comment.

You can see the avatar of member bautroivantrongxanh in comment page.


Here is her profile.


Please help check, thanks!
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Good, in comments avatars are taken from users' social accounts. For profiles this isn't possible yet.
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In server s57
Local User
when i choose a avatar in Collection and click button SAVE
it occur a error : Avatar dimensions cannot exceed 500x500Px and 500Kb
but, my avatar my choose in ucoz collection
it is eligible because it is less than 500px and 500kb
and i think a error at here
it is a link : /.s/a/36/415890220.png

--> it error
but IF I fill : http://mydomain.com/.s/a/36/415890220.png

so it no have a problem and i have saved successe.

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kankukong, the development team has fixed the issue and the fix will be soon available on all servers.
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The avatar max @ the site is 160 X 160.

A member uploaded an avatar 540 X 410 - he thought would automatically reduce.

It looks very big.

I tried to remove it as admin and it does not.

Also tried to exchange with a smaller 140 X 140 and 160 X 160 and the original still remains.

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Clyde, please specify the URL of the website and the member you've mentioned, please.
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Quote Gromov ()
Clyde, please specify the URL of the website and the member you've mentioned, please.

pm sent with details.

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