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Control Panel » Users » Module settings
Activation of "Users" module. When this option is enabled the registration at your site is allowed, otherwise registration will be impossible. Besides, only administrators will be able to log in to the site.
Allowed methods of users authorization. Here you can choose how users will log in to your website: 1. "uNet users" - all users who have account at will be able to log in to your website, they will not need to register at your website separately. To log in they will use e-mail and password. 2. "Local users" - users will have to register at your website, and will use username and password to log in. Note that you can enable local users only if you a premium user.
User's personal page (profile). This option defines in which way user's profile page will open (both for your profile and profiles of other users)
You can choose one of the three methods: 1. In a new window (formatted) – the page will open in a pop-up window (750х420). 2. In a new window (simple) – the page will open in a new tab or new window of your browser. 3. In active window – the page will open in active window, "replacing" the opened page.
Fields of the registration form. Here you can activate/deactivate fields for the registration of a new user of your site, as well as make them required and optional (these options are also responsible for the fields of user's profile page). This concerns local registration form (for the registration of local users). uNet registration form can't be edited. The registration form(s) that is(are) used on your website depend on the enabled authorization methods.
1. The first check mark is responsible for activation/deactivation of a field. 2. The second check mark is responsible for obligatoriness/optionality of a field.
Information, displayed on the page with the list of users. By means of this option you can adjust the information, displayed on the page with the list of your site members, here you can also adjust the order of columns with the information, and specify what fields can be used for sorting.
1. The first option is responsible for sequence number of a column. 2. The second option is responsible for activation/deactivation of a column. 3. The third option is responsible for the availability of a column for sorting.
Blocking of repeated e-mails. If a user has registered at your site using a certain e-mail then the user, trying to use the same e-mail while registration, won't be able to register.
Activity of the users with unconfirmed e-mails. With this option enabled the users who haven’t confirmed their e-mail won’t be able to add entries to your site. Each time they will try to add an entry they will be warned about the necessity to confirm their e-mail.
"Hidden user" option. With this option disabled users won’t be able to hide their username from the list of users online.
"Gender" field. This setting allows adding of additional options for the drop-down list "Your gender" that can be selected during registration and editing of profiles.
Signature and avatars. These options allow to set values for the maximal number of characters in users’ signatures, and to specify the maximum size and dimensions of uploaded avatars.
1. The first field is for the maximum number of characters in user's signature. 2. The second field is for the maximum size of an avatar in kilobytes. 3. The third field is for the maximum dimensions of an avatar in pixels.
E-mail notifications. 1. With the first option enabled every registered user will receive a notification about the registration at your site. 2. With the second option enabled you will receive an e-mail notification each time a new user registers at your site (if he used a local registration form; if uNet form was used you won't receive a notification).
Reputation, awards, ranks, avatars and PMs. 1. The option enables/disables reputation for each user. By means of the drop-down list you can select timeout period of a repeated reputation change. 2. Enables Awards feature that allows users to give awards to each other. Awards cab be edited in CP -> Tools -> Awards. 3. Enables users' ranks, they are assigned according to user's activity at forum. 4. Enables users to upload their own avatars. 5. Allows users to communicate by means of Private Messages.
Mass mail dispatch. This option allows users to select topics (which have been already created in mass mail dispatch section) of mass mail dispatch during registration or when editing profile page.

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