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After allowing my site at to go to seed a little bit, I have tonight been freshening it up and have a couple of menu problems.

In ie10 I can not get my menu to work - the secondary and third level links just don't appear. It's fine in Chrome.

On the site menu builder the little [+] images next to each menu item do not appear - just an empty box - indeed this failure of images to load is a common problem throughout the control panel. As I write this post there are 12 images on the left of the screen in a 3 x 4 rectangle that have failed to load.

On the site menu builder, clicking where the [+] should be and dragging it to a different category does nothing.

Deleting a menu entry causes ucoz to ask me if I am sure, but on confirmation, the menu item remains.

I want to delete Tenants > Legal Advice > Section 214 claims from the menu and replace it with the page currently un-movable at the bottom of the main menu "Claiming for a . . ."

Incidentally, in ie10 I could not post this question - had to cut and paste into Chrome where the 12 smilies showed up.
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