Message # 1 | 7:52 AM
How do members submit articles or blog entries?

When I click on anything, I get 'no entries'. I added a 'Submit Article' button to the menu. How do I get the posting field like this one to appear when the 'submit article' or 'blog' button is clicked on so that members can choose a category and post an article?

Also, I registered with two emails to test the site and every time I log in, I get logged in with the same username. I want to use my nickname, and my real name keeps appearing. Also, I can't log-in with my other account. I'm automatically logged in with one account.

Really like your service and appreciate your help.

Added (2013-09-09, 1:40 AM)

The issues I had are fixed.

Now, I would like to post articles using a username or nickname, not my real name. I entered a nickname, but my real name keeps showing when I log in.

I am also unable to log-in with a second account.

Added (2013-09-09, 1:52 AM)
Issue is resolved. I mistakenly used the same email address for my second account.

I would like to know how to fix it so that my username shows logged-in, not my real name.