Message # 1 | 7:45 PM
Ive read I could move a bought domain to a free site... I have managed that.

I didnt know this web builder was all in codes.

Ive used very simple free sites (ie and thoughy it would be similar.

Im not technical, I could cry as i feel ive made a big mistake and dont know how to do all this, should have stuck with a free easy to use basic website/domain.

How I wanted my website and to now how Id be happy for a basic 1 page, customised with business name, my logo, services and phone/email/facebook site.

Compaired to the ‘abous us’ ‘contact form’ ‘pricelist’ ‘before & after pics’ etc I orginally planned.

Has anyone without basic knowlegde on codes or what wver it is, managed to customise a ucoz site easily?

Or am i better at looking at moving to a pay per month one to keep my domain, or just use a free site til i start my new business up, and if I can justify upgrade to a pay per month one later?!

Help please xx