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Quoted notification.
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Message # 1 | 12:53 PM
Is it possible for users to get a pm when they're quoted? Or some type of notification.
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Message # 2 | 2:05 PM
XO-Ferg, unfortunately there's no system feature yet built for this. It may be possible to create an auto-pm feature however that would require extremely high amounts of custom coding as far as I am aware. wink
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Message # 3 | 2:06 PM
Paradox, Ok thanks, it may require php also.
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Message # 4 | 5:35 PM
There exists a custom javascript and php script that shows a pop-up (sleek design, probably possible to place anywhere), that updates you with new entries in a module. And it should be possible to use that and just hide everything that doesn't contain a set line of message, such as

That way, only messages showing your username with the tags and comma (used for reply in forums etc), would show. It is however in russian, and as said, requires php to use.

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Message # 5 | 0:34 AM
Also is it possible to quote media, like how your're able to quote text. (i.e. : pictures, videos etc.) By highlighting the media and not manually doing it.
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Message # 6 | 1:47 PM
XO-Ferg, with the system tools it is not possible.
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