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Pop up ads
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Message # 1 | 8:34 PM
I have pop up ads on my website and i did not put any script for that. what can be the problem? dry
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Message # 2 | 8:40 PM
Ed05, can you send a screenshot too?
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Message # 3 | 9:00 PM
please, provide your website URL, maybe there is some kind of hidden codes for that
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Message # 4 | 7:00 AM
They are not as annoying if advertising is of us. know how to do that kind d advertising?

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Message # 5 | 8:53 PM
No i dont have hidden codes for ads, the ads shows just suddenly few days ago .Its random ads, one exampe is in image below
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Message # 6 | 7:44 AM
Hi Cheitto,

Could you please rephrase your request? Are you looking for online advertising provider services?

Hi Ed05,

From what I can determine there aren't any immediately identifiable scripts which could generate popups on your website. There are no uCoz scripts which can result in this functionality either. From what I can see it's possible that a FB script could generate this, however, it would be a rare occurrence. You have no embedded elements using iFrame scripting?

Otherwise have you checked your computer for adware? I know there's been times when even I find adware has conveniently hooked onto the end of a file without me or my virus software realising, until after it's happened - granted this was a good few years ago now, although you never know the likelihood.

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Message # 7 | 4:17 AM
Ed05, Lo que quiero es saber cómo crear animado para poner mis propios anuncios.

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Message # 8 | 9:30 AM
Cheitto, our Spanish forum is available at http://foro.ucoz.es/
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