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Key words: forum settings, set of icons, set of buttons, message length, user’s status, file size, editing of posts

Module name. In this field you can specify the name of your forum which will be displayed in page title.
Participation in uCoz TOP. If you wish your forum can take part in uCoz Forum TOP. Just put a checkmark and fill in the fields that will appear.
Select a forum category from the drop-down list.
If you don't want your forum to take part in rating then simply don't put the checkmark.
Reply form. You can assign whether the reply form will be on a separate page or directly under posts. This feature is important for those who watch traffic.
Set of buttons. The forum buttons are the images "New Topic", "New Poll", "Add Reply", "Quote", "PM" etc.
You can choose a set of buttons out of 42 default sets.
To see how the sets look click on "Buttons set" link. A new window with the examples of all sets will open.
If you do not like the default sets or you have your own set of buttons you can upload it to the system. For this purpose select "Custom set" on the list and specify the URL of your set in the field that will appear. Note! The images must have the same names as the buttons from the default sets. To see the names of images click on "Buttons set".
After you have selected the set you can see its appearance.
Icons set The forum icons are the images which accompany threads and additional information.
The work with the icons is similar to the work with the buttons. You can choose a set out of 12 default sets.
You can see how the sets look by clicking on "Icons set" link.
If you don't like the default sets or you have your own set you can upload it to the system by means of the "Icons set 2" field.
Or your can select "Custom set" in the first field and specify URL of the folder with icons, following the same rules as for the buttons.
Number of threads and posts per page, number of RSS records and message length. You can specify the number of threads and posts to be displayed on a page. You can also specify the number of records to be output in RSS and specify the length of a post in characters. You can select all values from the drop-down list. You can't set the values, exceeding the specified ones.
You can either hide or display "Views" column.
At the forum it looks like this.
You can either hide or display status icons under the list of threads.
At the forum they look like this.
You can either hide or display the block with users' rights.
At the forum they look like this.
You can either hide or display user status.
At the forum it is situated under the information about a user.
You can assign the number of posts for a thread to be considered hot.
A hot thread has the corresponding icon.
Management of files and images. You can specify the number of simultaneously uploaded files and their size, as well as maximum image dimensions of a reduced and a full-sized image. Select the number of files from the drop-down list and specify other values yourself.
Finally, you can specify the period during which users can edit their own posts and remove their own threads (0 value – they cannot edit/remove posts/threads).
You can also adjust some notification parameters for the administrator about new entries, "bad" posts, enable capability to notify users about new replies (for all users).

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