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Google search..
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Message # 1 | 8:20 AM

I have problem with google search engine..
I have Fill websites Meta Data + Google web master tools,but nothing..

In Webmaster tools ,attached domain was all ok,but orginal domain are showing Dissable : / .. But there is one robots.txt onli.

i hope you can help.
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Message # 2 | 10:53 AM
xProfessor, by default when you attach a domain only the new URL/domain is opened for indexing by search engines. If you'd like both domains to be available for indexing open Control Panel > Common Settings, scroll down, and check the option Allow site indexing (by search engines) for both domains.

Hope this helps! smile

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Message # 3 | 2:40 PM
Paradox, tnx for this info..
But still,i cannt find my site on google..
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Message # 4 | 3:24 PM
xProfessor, you have to wait a few days.
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i do not work for the company anymore, sorry for the late replies
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Message # 5 | 9:21 AM
Moved to Site Promotion.
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Message # 6 | 6:10 PM
thanks share
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