Message # 1 | 4:22 PM
Hy, dear uCoz.

I don't understand what's wrong that last years u are putting such annoying ads.. It seems like more - pay to use website normally. Why that ad is annoying and non standard?

1) U must wait 30 seconds
2) Even if u opened that ad in new tab (by ad defaults it's on new tab) - it doesn't matters - it's active..
3) Even if u reload page - new begging.. - nope - ad shows again

WHAT FOR? I open 1 ucoz website - ukit ad again - I close it, 2nd ucoz website - ukit ad again - I close it too.

Where is problem to put ad which will disappear when it's opened? why I must wait these 30 seconds?

There is no problem with my website that I can not serve but I don't understand that non standard way for ads from ucoz which also is something like "anti-ad"..

Do not take it personally, it's just my opionion.. and I hope there is freedom of speech in conjunction with this thread.