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pop ad in my site
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Message # 1 | 4:30 PM
hello my friends, i want to ask you something about ads and i don't know where to post it so i think here in general talk will be fine, sorry if it's not.
today i notice that when i clic on a new article at my site one pop up full window opens but i don't have put any ads (exept google adsense in my site). what's going on? who's ad is this and why is on my site?
Notice: i have paid for my domain and the site page (the minimum plan for the site that you give)
i am sorry for my bad english. i hope you understand what i mean biggrin

Added (2016-06-14, 4:30 PM)
i forget to write that my site is la8osapofash.com and the pop up ad that open the tab name is "newsroom" and the link of the ad "gr.couponwomen.com/ns-women-007/lpmf.ashx?pid=x500&cid=x52q&mkt=0003&code=0006&aff=w_swf "
(http:// the link starts)

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Message # 2 | 8:01 PM
blackpirate, I can't confirm the issue. Perhaps you have got an adware on your computer (through a browser add-on or an external application). Please, try it on another computer as well.

And for the record, the Minimal plan does not include the removal of the uCoz ad banner. See our pricing policy here: http://www.ucoz.com/pricing

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i do not work for the company anymore, sorry for the late replies
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Message # 3 | 4:23 AM
Great ..This is very useful for me.Thank you
uCoz Community » Communication » General Talk » pop ad in my site
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