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my site has blocked to
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Message # 1 | 8:48 PM
whats happen my site has blocked... he says
Ban reasons
Cheating counters, auto surfing
You must remove all causes of account blocking
After you have eliminated the causes of the website blocking, use the form below to send a request to Technical Support. Your website will be checked and a verdict will be delivered.

You will be able to send the request to Technical Support only once, therefore do everything right.

im never use auto surfing or cheating counter.. im only use redirect 301 from my old to
please help to unbloked my site
im have alot visitor.. im lose now my visitor now.. cry cry

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Message # 2 | 6:58 AM
ugdrey, your website has been unblocked. Please, be careful of what kind of services do you use to promote your website.
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i do not work for the company anymore, sorry for the late replies
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Message # 3 | 11:57 AM
why he says Cheating counters, auto surfing??? im not use Cheating counters, auto surfing but im use redirect 301 to its redirect 301 cant use on ucoz???
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Message # 4 | 11:25 AM
ugdrey, 301 redirects are allowed. There was unusually high traffic on your website just after the website creation, so the website was blocked automatically.
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uCoz Community » Additional Services » Account Management » my site has blocked to
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