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Ok i have a design and on the right side corner i have a Block, and when i view my messages in forum my blocks gets dropped all the way down due to the buttons like "Reply" "New Thread" and "Pool" are located on the top right corner, so is option of moderator, i was wandering is there anyway to move those buttons little to the left so my blocks can drop back into their spot or is there a code to force my blocks back where they belong.

I've tried to use this

.content-site {background:#fff;padding:5px 5px;overflow:hidden;}
.content-left {float:left;margin:7px 0 0 12px;max-width: 890px;}
.content-right {float:right;width:200px;margin:5px 0 0 0;}

It puts that part of the page back but drops the main page down

Please help

Added (2016-05-05, 3:15 PM)
Nevermind, i got it, i just changed the max-width: 890px;} to 680