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Report Phishing Site
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Message # 1 | 1:19 PM
Phishing Site : http://thassos.ucoz.ro/

Hello uCoz team,

I am writing to you on a sad day. sad

It has come to my attention that this free site http://thassos.ucoz.ro/ has duplicated content from the original site http://thassos.ucoz.com/ and turned it into a phishing site that collects information via the contact form. The purpose was to resemble with the original site when searched with the phrase "thassos ucoz" and thus benefit from its notoriety.

The site http://thassos.ucoz.ro/ also infringes on the original copyright text by taking the research the original site did and modify it slightly.

The duplication was made on purpose and uses simultaneously the same theme, same subject, same information and links to another site : http://www.thassos-island.ro/ where he sells something.

Please take action and remove this website.

Thank you in advance uCoz Team.

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Message # 2 | 2:41 PM
Urs, it isn't really phishing because it doesn't look like the website is stealing any sensitive information like passwords or banking details. It's rather copyright infringement. Please contact the Abuse Team through the form at the bottom of http://www.ucoz.com/
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Message # 3 | 4:24 PM
I thank you Sunny.

It is pretending to be the owner of another site that has credibility, traffic and unique content and thus it uses a copy paste approach (Website forgery/Clone phishing) to redirect traffic without the need of any hacks.

Phishing because it does have a contact form that can gather information and some will think it is the localized version of the original site.

I will report it for copyright infringement as you suggested.

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Message # 4 | 7:46 PM
Urs, the website has been blocked.
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uCoz Community » General Information » First Steps with uCoz » Report Phishing Site
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