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Why you cancel my payment and not return
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Message # 1 | 9:32 AM
HI Sir

i paid 2 month's payment "6.18 USD" for you for basic plan hosting but you Cancel cry my paid hosting, why you cancel my paid hosting and not return my amount ...? kindly reply me as early as possible i am really worried about this, Please tell me what the reason behind this.

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Message # 2 | 9:59 AM
Waqas2911, what is your website address?
I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
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Message # 3 | 11:15 AM
I have the same problem. I paid for 6 monts, busines package, and now after almost one month, the payment was canceled and do not know where the money are. Please tell me what hapend, I need this package bak, is important.
The site addres is
Regards Mircea
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Message # 4 | 4:29 PM
Hello, Myraghi.

Could you please tell what payment system you have used.
The exact time of the payment will also be very helpful.
Do you have the confirmation of the payment in any form?

We will get to the bottom of it asap.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Upd. The payment from you has been labelled fraud by the payment service provider.
Generally, they return money to the owner within 14 days.
Please check your email for letters from them. Contact the provider to find out why they decided that your payment is not cleared. Maybe they have tried calling you, but couldn't reach you?

We have turned on the internet-module and turned off the advertisement on your site for a month, to give you time to figure things out with this payment.

Thank you for using Ucoz.
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Message # 5 | 9:43 PM
Hello Kelarsol
Thank you for your so fast replay and puting my E-shop back on.
The order date from Ucoz was: Order # 102008715 (2014-06-11 10:46 PM), but I ceck the emails, and have confirmation of this order, only from Ucoz. Not any email from payment provider. I du not remember, if they ask me email and phone number, when I paid. I was used VISA card to pay this order, the payment was accepted in that moment, and the module was turned on in few minutes.
Whuo I should ask abot this problem, my bank where the VISA cardi is ?
I`ll trie to figure out what happend and if I`ll not succed, I will pay again.
Appologies for my english.
Regards myraghi
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Message # 6 | 3:54 PM
Hello, Myraghi

Thank you for your answer.
We will try to sort out the reason for this situation with the payment partner directly, if they request any additional information - I will ask you. One request - if you receive the money back on your card - please inform me, so that I know that the procedure initiates by the bank has worked.
Thank you very much.
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Message # 7 | 5:17 PM
myraghi, you can also get support in the Romanian language, if it's easier for you, by joining the Romanian's Community Forum!
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Message # 8 | 6:38 PM
Thanks for advice Raver, but I prefer to use this place for support, I know how to fid this place, I know you people and the feedback was quick and verry helpfoul. I hope to solve this litle problem, as soon as posible and to have the module paid and safe.
Thanks again to everyboy.
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