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Message # 1 | 4:51 PM
Is it possible to give auto-awards?
I mean like when they join, they get a award.
Is that possible?

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Message # 2 | 5:27 PM
lucarioapprovedproduction, I'm afraid, it's not possible with the current system tools.
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Message # 3 | 10:55 PM
lucarioapprovedproduction, Like bigblog said, it's not possible now or at least, not yet. Never know what the future may hold. Took ages for us to get a video module and subforums. I don't think it'd be too impossible to have features such as auto-awards, auto-welcoming (a pm or email is automatically sent welcoming user after first log in), groups, friends, etc., etc. uCoz is full of surprises, lol. You don't know how many times Sunny would tell us subforums would never come, and yet, here they are, hehheh. Just keep hoping. I'd like this feature as well.
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