Message # 1 | 3:14 AM
I have some images posted on one of my Article Entry in the File Catalog module ( . This images are uploaded in the File Manager. I don't use the $IMAGE1$ or $IMAGE2$ or $IMAGE3$ and post it in the entry field. It's not optimized for SEO. That's why I upload the images to the File Manager because I can rename the file and file name is still there when I use the url of that image.

The problem is I see on one of my article entry this url of my images: in which the image cannot be viewed because that IP address you can see is inserted on the url.

Did you notice? There's an IP address. I also observe this last year if I'm not mistaken.

My question is why is this happening?
Is this a bug? How can you fix it?

This is really frustrating. It's a waste of time just to change the url of the images of my articles.