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Forum Font (text) Size
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Message # 1 | 2:45 PM
I was wondering if there was a way most preferably within the control panel, under the forum options, if we could adjust/change the font type, the size of the font text, and perhaps even the font color.

I have only had my site for a month and I think it's fairly decent for what I know about creating, editing, and managing a website. However I have spent many hours reading forum posts, google searches, and so on, on how to fine tune some of the more detailed aspects of website creation and design. I have found some useful stuff, although very scattered and hard to sort through. I know that many people use website builders for their personal and or professional websites because they want a cost effective website, using a website builder, because many of us do not know how to do coding, or even more so understand it.

If this feature that I am asking about does not exist, I would highly recommend it, for future ucoz updates, for convenience and ease for those who do not know coding.

Also if this isn't possible could someone be very kind and take a moment to help a person out, and help them or teach them "me" how to change the font size of the forums; I would be most appreciative.
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Message # 2 | 2:52 PM
Ribbit3267, I will forward the suggestion onto the team although I do not believe it will be implemented anytime in the nearest future as it can already be done quite effectively through the use of the sites CSS document.

As for what you are aiming to achieve each section of the forum design can be adjusted in the sites CSS. As there are seperate styles applied to different section you are going to have to go through and manually change them yourself although you can find an outline of what each class affect here: smile

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Message # 3 | 3:35 PM
Thank you for forwarding the suggestion along.

In regards to your link, I have already read through that, and I am totally lost, as I mentioned I don't know coding at all, I don't even know where these codes to edit your website can be found, yet alone knowledgeable enough to edit any of them without screwing up my website completely. So far I have found three page of what I think is the sites forum template editor, but even so I have read through every line of code and don't see anywhere in there about font sizes for the text of the forum, and the forum categories etc.

So what should a person with no knowledge of coding do in this situation, aside for paying for a website developer to help, which is to expensive, hence why I am using a website builder

Added (2012-02-13, 9:35 AM)
Gawh cool Okay well it seems that if I frustratingly and patiently calm down and read more thoroughly I can find the answers, I still don't know coding, but I found the css style sheet and edited the forum font sizes ad best as I can for my site. I will have to do further research and experiment if I actually want to learn and get good at this stuff.

Blessings and thanks for your help wink

uCoz Community » uCoz Modules » Forum » Forum Font (text) Size (How to change, edit the font and size of the forum.)
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