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Site News: Brief and full description

Various ways of displaying entries are possible within Site News module. If you check “Show brief version of the text if it is too long box”, only the part of the brief version will be displayed on the page (the part limited by the option “Number of characters for a brief version”) together with “Read more” link. If you click on the link, the page with entry full text will open.

Another option is to use “Entry brief description“ as a field of a new entry form. In this way the content of “Short description” field will be displayed on the main page (of site or module). And when you click on the entry name, the content of “Entry full text” will be displayed.

If you forbid a user group (for example Guests) to Read entries, they will be able to see only the content of Short description on the main page.
If you forbid a user group (for example Guests) to view the main page, they will not be able to see Short description of the entry.

Site News module doesn't have its own main page as other catalog-modules do. That is why the code responsible for outputting news is added to Home page content by default.
If you have messed up with the code when editing it – the news are not going to be displayed.

The code that outputs news:
<?if($ADD_ENTRY_LINK$)?><div align="right" style="padding-bottom:3px;">[ <a href="$ADD_ENTRY_LINK$">Add entry</a> ]</div><?endif?>$LAST_NEWS$


Where can I set the number of characters in Short description?
Control panel->Site News->Module settings-> Number of characters for a brief version
The news ends up with ellipsis (dots) in Short description. Can I substitute it with my own character?
Unfortunately, it is not possible.
Is it possible to output only Entry name on Site News page so that the news itself will be located on the other page?
Yes, it is possible. You need to hide Short description. It can be done by editing Appearance of entries template in Control panel->Design->Design management (templates)->Site news
There are big spaces in the text of full description of the entry. How to fix it?
Most probably you used Word to embed the text. It is highly unrecommended. Copy and paste the text into Notepad and then from the Notepad to the website.
Can I use “Entry brief description” option for one news only?
Unfortunately, it is not possible by means of standard system solutions. Scripts might help you.
Is it possible to display news on the main page in the way they are displayed on the Page with entries full text and its comments?
No. Full text can not be displayed on the main page.
Can I display Entry names only?
Yes, it can be done by means of Informers. See more about them here:
Another option is to edit Appearance of entries template.
What is the maximum number of characters in the “Entry full text”?
40 000 characters.
Where can I change “Read more” in Short description?
Control panel->Substitution of default phrases->Site News
Which part of Style sheet CSS is responsible for changing the color of “Read more” inscription?
Control panel->Design->Design management (CSS)->class entryReadAllLink
How can I substitute “Read more” inscription with an image?
Control panel->Substitution of default phrases->Site News->substitute the text with HTML code of the image, like:
<img src="...">

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When you choose to truncate a news/blog entry, it truncates the text regardless of whether or not open html tags have been closed. This can completely mess up the page. For example, the last bit of the message before truncation can end up like "<b>something bo...", never closing the <b> tag and subsequently making everything thereafter bold. Even worse, it could end up like "blah blah <a ...", which could cause even more havoc.

Additionally, there's currently no option to have it display a "More..." link, even though there is an empty div tag that seems like it was supposed to be used for that. I had to enter the link using some pretty ugly JavaScript hacks.

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All the time in module Site News there was code $BRIEF$, but now I can't find it.

Is it removed?


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Okay guys, this might be a dumb question but, I don't have any major problems with my news system, but is there a way to make it so that each of my news topic can be seen without the words hidden under the "READ MORE" button lol? I mean to let every word show in a topic. And don't tell me to make my topics small lol.
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Hello,I am looking for script to make blog entries show in brief description, like I have it in download section. I havent got "enable brief description", because my module is customized. Have a look:
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illuminaut, this is not a bug, this is optimization. you can set more symbols for brief description truncating or use the field specially for brief description.
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jackass, some codes have been changed after the update, probably this one too.
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CP -> Site News -> Module settings -> Show brief version of the text if it is too long: uncheck the box and save
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Filip5, this is your custom templates and we dont provide any script. But you send details of your problem with screenshots.


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Thats too bad sad
I would like to use both of them, $MESSAGE$ and $BRIEF$ is there any possibility to get content from Short description: in Site news module Page with entry full text and it's comments?

And if I make a suggestion will someone think about it to add?

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Is there a "Read more..." link in long blog entries? Because if there is, I think mine's missing. sad My entry was cut but the link wasn't there unlike for Site News (I've seen it in my Site News). I don't think I've removed it accidentally when I was tweaking the blog code... Or may be I did?

Anyway, just wanna make sure if there really is. And if so, how do I cure it so it will show up again? Thank you!

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Filip5, The uCoz support in forum doesn't actually provide help with custom tempaltes and scripts. but you already have a brief description with blogs you only need to check both of the boxes of "Entry brief description"
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shioan, CP -> Substitution of default phrases -> Edit "Read more"
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Well, so I want to have this table on the block

Instead of this

I havent got the short description option to thick in block module settings...
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hey every body
help me! i want READ_MORE link in main page and
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