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12 Tips to success
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Message # 1 | 9:42 AM
Hey guys!
Here are some tips for you wich will show you a path to success. smile

Tip 1
Your domain , name and description should match your content wich will make your website easy to find for example if a person is finding a gming site he/she will definetly search for games or online games or something tha and if your website domain or name contain that word he would definetycome to your site. smile

Tip 2
Your website should have less scripts and small images as it would take long to load and visitors may leave the site in between but should have more and more pages (with content) which will make your site cover more space in searches in search engines. smile

Tip 3
Social networks plays a important role in gaining traffic.So make sure you have links/fan pages in the most common social networks(Facebook , Google + and twitter are must) and secondly they are connected with your website because most of people can come to your site from hyperlinks on your fanpage. smile

Tip 4
Keep on adding new backgrounds or changing design or adding more/new features which will attract visitors.And make sure mention your features as a targeted future plan so visitors would come again and to see if the upgrade or new feature had come but do not play with visitors patience. smile

Tip 5
Your categories should be full of content so your visitors should come up to their favourite content and the categories` names should be descriptive so any one can easily come to know. smile

Tip 6
Make sure your website have a translation in major languages like English , French , Spanish , Arabic and I suggest you to use Google translator for that. smile

Tip 7
People come there where there friends come so you should have a easy and good looking chat facility because Vistors spend 4
times more time on your website and secondly chat is not enough your website have some more ways to connect people like multiplayer games , comment , accounts or something reputation but not by oter people but by th website management or some thing like that. smile

Tip 8
As I told you that Do Not Play With Visitors Patience so youmust add new fresh content every day or as soon as possible or your visitors will go somewhere else to find latest stuff. smile

Tip 9
Mostly parents donot allow their children to use every site so you must make them sure your site is safe so they make them come to your website for example you must add a small attractive banner saying child safe content or some thing like that. smile

Tip 10
You should have content for various ages and secondly wide enough for example if you have a gaming site so put game reviews , game news , online games and downloadable games I mean whatever come to your mind from the word games which will increase visitors as visitors will get more content on your website. smile

Tip 11
Your website have something that is not availible in any other website like if you have a gaming site you must make or buy games and do not distribute them. smile

Tip 12
Advertise on many different websites to gain more visitors and secondly never ever advertis a website on your website whaich have the content in same category for example if you have a gaming website donot allow to advertise a gaming site o your website because it would distribute visitors. smile

Bonus Tips smile
1)Keep asking for help from your visitors plitely like yuo may write we need your feedback or Please like us on fb or please follow us or please donate us or something like that because they like this. smile

2) Web rank really matters so keep an eye on webranks at http://alexa.com and http://top.ucoz.com and if you gain a good rank then make your visitors know by adding badges on your site like top 100 in ucoz or top 1000 globally and secondly theres a very useful tool for webmasters which you may like , find it on http://www.woorank.com/. smile

I hope you will like it but anyway best of luck biggrin :)

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Message # 2 | 8:31 AM
Haider, thank you for sharing your advices for attaining success with a website. To those, I'd add a few more elements:

1. Build a website with a subject that you either like or you're passionate about

2. Use a widely spread general language like English (if you address this market) and add Google translate but don't rely on those translations as they're not very accurate and, in order to have a professional outlook over the site you need the content in those languages to be accurate , otherwise it will act as a boomerang and visitors will never return.

3. Add quality content as often as possible and keep your site clear of various scripts to avoid slow loading

4. Outside Social Media, have an eye on SEO and its importance in a website's growth. Check out this discussion Thread about SEO, you can find some info there as well.

5. Make sure the visitors can contact you easily by adding a contact form, especially if you are selling something via your website.

6. Be persistent, even though you will not get immediate results. Some websites are successful after 6 months, some after 3 years. Rome wasn't built in one day as well!
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Message # 3 | 10:15 AM
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Message # 4 | 10:58 AM
Quote Raver ()
and keep your site clear of various scripts to avoid slow loading

Can I just say from the perspective of a developer this isn't always the case. Not every script is going to slow down your site. As a web admin you're more than welcome to have scripts on your pages, just don't use third party scripts which are going to chew away heavily at load time.

The forums here make use of a good amount of JavaScript yet it is still 100% functional and loads just as quick as any other site. This is because JS is a client-side script which the browser handles itself while loading the page - it doesn't have to cross a network connection. Third party scripts, a lot of the time do use network connections (other than that of the direct site you are viewing) unless you're using a locally hosted file or library, and these are what slow down your load time. So it's entirely fine to use high amounts of scripts that are hosted locally and don't for the most part interfere with load time; it's just not okay to use lots of third party scripts hosted externally as they will chew into your load time.

Scripts also don't hinder SEO from my experiences. I don't know who has said it does, however, I can confirm I'm yet to find Google marking down my site for using jQuery, JavaScript and the like. As long as you're making use of clean, standardised, and efficient code - you'll be fine. Badly written code 9/10 times is the reason sites lose rankings, using a <div> instead of a <h1> for your page title will hinder a crawlers ability to determine what the page relevance is comparative to the <title>.

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Message # 5 | 12:26 PM
Paradox, thanks for your in depth comment. A more technical and "politically correct" perspective is always welcomed!
Many users use third party scripts which are not locally hosted and, therefore get the slow loading times. The recommendation gears towards minimizing the number of third party scripts, which use other connections.

It's important to seek and understand the connection between these types of scripts and measure the impact on the website's loading time immediately after their implementation.
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Message # 6 | 11:31 AM
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Message # 7 | 11:23 PM
Quote Raver ()
Many users use third party scripts which are not locally hosted and, therefore get the slow loading times.

bingo,i'm guilty biggrin But i have removed almost all of them. Omg i have removed thousands of scripts.Now i have just html and css cool

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Message # 8 | 8:25 AM
Very cool list, I'll add to this apart a few tips on promotion and SEO

On page

Meta Tags
Url Structure and Optimization
Header Tags
Onpage Content
Internal Links optimization
Image optimization
Open Graph
Structured Data

Off Page

Search Engine Submission
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Articles Submission (Currently not suggested)
Blog Commenting
RSS Submission
Google Places
Business Listings
Local Listings
PDF/PPT/Video Submission
Profile Creations
Social Pages
Secondary Sites
Review Writing
Link Exchage
Press releases
Question & Answers
Image/GIF Submission
Wiki Pages
Competitor Analysis
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