Message # 1 | 8:31 PM
I've made sites in the past years, but kinda cut my self off from it for a while until now. But now whenever i make a site,it wont load for me, wacko and the control panel loads very slowly, and doesn't show any pictures, and all the words on the page seem to be a bit out of place. This ONLY happens to sites i make, and NO this is not a connection problem, since the site is new, and nothing on it, plus ive visited other ucoz sites to see if it was just my internet, but they load fine. I don't wanna give out my IP "willy nilly", but if i can message a mod or something that would be cool.

sites that i made as a test to give to my friend (he couldnt connect to it either)

along with some others, but they got deleted by me. smile

if you can help me, thanks a ton!