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As you may know, uCoz is close to its 8th birthday and, since its inception, the team has done tremendous work to keep the service up and running successfully.

We provide you a hosted CMS with 22 modules, unlimited traffic, disk space, full control over your designs and more. Given its high security and ability to hold a great amount of traffic, the system is suitable for a various array of projects, from Personal websites, to Forums, Portals and E-shops.
In the last year, we have accelerated the release of new updates and features, some clearly visible, others more invisible but equally important.

Among these, I would like to highlight just a few of them like the Video Module, the launching of the Template Store, reshaping the key satellite projects and others you can check out here.
Besides, others will follow soon, among these being the New Control Panel Design, which is one of the most important phases of the system's current development.

In order to provide a great service to you, our beloved users, we display a top advertising banner on each free website. Regarding this, we would like to inform you that, starting within the following weeks (May-June 2013), we will display a new banner type to our visitors from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The banner's size will be 300x250px and it will be displayed in the upper-right side of the free websites.

If you receive an important amount of traffic from those countries and would like to remove the banner to enhance your visitor's experience, you can do it by purchasing a Paid Package, starting with the Basic one which costs only 3.09$/month. More details about uCoz's premium services you can find here and info about the payment methods here.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Thank you and enjoy your uExperience!