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New Indexing Policy, uShop Update and Bug Fixes
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Message # 1 | 2:34 PM

The update is available on all servers.

Today we would like to present our first fall update. We've introduced a new indexing policy for all newly created websites, released a uShop update that you are sure to like smile , and fixed a number of bugs.

Website's Indexing Status

From now on all uCoz websites have a new parameter - Indexing status that is displayed at the top of the Control Panel main page (/panel/?a=cp). The parameter shows whether indexing by search engines is allowed for the website or not (whether the website is in quarantine).

The indexing status can show one of the two options: "indexing is allowed (quarantine is removed)":

Or "indexing is prohibited (the website is in quarantine)":

The status "indexing is prohibited (the website is in quarantine)" is assigned by default to all new websites after registration. The websites created before the update retain their current status.

Quarantine Removal Policy

This is where the main changes have been applied. A website can become available for indexing either automatically (if a premium plan is purchased) or upon the website owner's request. If the website does not have a premium plan and the user wants the quarantine to be removed, a request should be submitted from the website's Control Panel:

There will be a pop-up window with the info on the quarantine policy:

After the request has been submitted, the website will be checked automatically according to a number criteria: the website's age, presence of a custom domain name, content, verified phone number etc. On the basis of these criteria the system decides whether the quarantine should be removed. We cannot provide a more detailed description of the algorithm.

Note! If the quarantine removal was denied, the next request can be submitted not earlier than in 7 days.

uShop Update

The first part of the update is a new option in the settings that allows to enable automatic loading of items when scrolling down the page. Just like the news feed on social media! The option can be found in Control Panel > E-shop > Module settings:

and in Control Panel > E-shop > Orders management > Order fields management:

There are also several new $CODES$ in the E-shop templates:

And finally, the E-shop module now has a 15-day free trial period. Try out the module and explore its feature before you proceed to building your online shop!

Bug Fixes

The following errors have been fixed in this update:

  • incorrect displaying of content in Site News and Publisher in design #1191 → fixed;
  • incorrect generating of the HTML code by the system variable $THREAD_AUTHOR$ in the Forum module → fixed;
  • incorrect values of the system variables $PAGE_ID$ and $URI_ID$ for the list of blocked users → fixed.

That's it for today! Follow the news!

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Message # 2 | 5:34 AM
How much more greedy is uCoz going to get?
Hit that "Thanks" button. :)
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Message # 3 | 6:36 AM
VZ, could you clarify you comment, please? If you mean the new indexing policy, its goal is to prevent empty websites and doorway pages from being indexed. If your website has content and is actually created for people, then there is nothing to worry about. Quarantine removal is free, the only inconvenience comparing to the previous policy is that you will need to submit a manual request. But on the other hand, you now don't need to wait 30 days and can submit a request earlier, once you've added content.
I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
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Message # 4 | 12:01 PM
If we dont request to remove Quanrantine, what will happen? It will stay forever?
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Message # 5 | 5:46 PM
Good, right, you need to send a request if you want to remove the quarantine of your website.
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Message # 6 | 4:56 PM
Quote Sunny ()

What about the custom domain? Is it necessary to get the website indexed or just a factor?
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Message # 7 | 6:58 AM
initiatelift1, would you be so kind to clarify what you're referring to in more details, please?
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Message # 8 | 12:55 PM
This is frankly ridiculous I have used Ucoz for years and still can’t get my new community taken out of quarantine I see this as just another move to force its users to buy a plan in order to get it taken out of quarantine it’s that simple, I was however thinking of doing so but I WONT NOW as I will not be held to ransom I have taken ages completing a forum for a current 100.000 users and get to the end after completing a rather large group of forum sections and a good few webpages only to find I can’t get any use of it for my group, so you have any idea how stupid that makes me look after promising the community a new home last month and then this month and now that’s not going to happen either, I always used Ucoz previously as they were fair, Sunny usually sorted any issue fast if a bit harshly at times biggrin that I could handle but this is just not on .........
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Message # 9 | 10:39 PM
ukdwpbenefitshub, I think it depends on your websites quality. My quarantine was just only a month or less. Right now I only have less than a thousand entries.

Added (2019-07-01, 10:43 PM)
initiatelift1, personally webmaster or web developer loves it. We all want our website to be indexed in any search engine especially google. It matters. Its because it will lead traffic to your project. There might some especially the deepweb sites that has not been indexed for an anonymity purposes.

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Message # 10 | 10:41 AM
I’m loosing the will to live here I can’t see what I have not done it’s primarily a “forum” and by definition it can’t be a forum until it has users and a forum can’t have users until it’s open for the users to register and thus make use of the forum it’s a totally counterproductive and complicated confusing concept apart from it being unnecessarily difficult and frankly frustrating to the owners some sites are not sites but like mine more forum based, my community on Facebook just now offers totally FREE valuable badly needed help, support and guidance which by virtue of all the faffing about is being denied to our users during this ridiculously long waiting about on what exactly ?? I repeat I have check numerous times but am finding it very annoying that this is still not resolved UCOZ used to be a superb service a great name I’m not so sure it’s retaining this if it’s going to annoy frustrate and infuriate it’s users as without us Ucoz wouldn’t exist mad, crazy move in my humble opinion
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Message # 11 | 4:06 AM
ukdwpbenefitshub, My recommendation for you is to put contents for your website. Actually, you could have a shortcut way by taking the uCoz plan. But if you want just to have a free plan you need to put contents for your website.
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Message # 12 | 9:17 PM
How can I edit the main home page at my ucoz site?
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Message # 13 | 5:38 AM
slotozilladk, can you provide the link of the site and what exactly do you want to edit?
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