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Still Waiting on Technical Support
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Message # 16 | 1:56 PM
Let's start off by saying we did also try jquery-1.10.2.js. As well as merging the thread with 2 different premises was not wise. 1 was asking to rectify an issue. While the last one clarified why users may want to avoid your services. Merging the threads with 2 different ulterior motives are not the same.

Then let's continue on by clearing up a few of your speculations. As stated we did not give Paradox permission to tinker with the script of our site. While continuing to remind you; since reading comprehension has been apparently lacking in the tech department. Our site template was perfectly fine. Only certain features were not responsive; which was due to after forwarding our site back using your current name servers. To which we've explained this countless times. We literally have a record of this. Paradox then went into our script to rectify the issue. To which he accidentally broke our site completely in the process. Thus please desist from spreading false accussations. We have thousands of users who witnessed this exact account for when it happened. You broke our site. Thus to claim you did not touch our site. When you clearly have is preposterous.

We've used your service for 4 years. Please do not tell us that it's our script. The issue is how you poorly handled the situation. You destroyed our site; while in trying to quote on quote "Help Us", and now you're trying to wash your hands on the damage you have done.

Please by all means. Tell everyone how our site and poor script(as you claim) went from this http://web.archive.org/web/20160306102125/http://deadfish-encod.es/ to now making our template look similar to this http://deadfishes.ucoz.net/

The thing about http://web.archive.org is that it can provide countless years of our site's formats. To which we would love for you to explain to the many on-goers who frequent our site. As to how it's our script, and not your staff tinkering around that caused the distortion. Being I find it ironic that the exact moment we sought out help in the forums. Is the very exact moment our site became distorted. While that very exact time we got a response from Paradox stating he had issues with correcting the issues from our script, and how he was not too familiar with our css but tried to rectify the issue. To which only made it worse.

Do not dare try to throw your poor services on us. Your staff messed up. You took no steps in trying to help us rectify the issue. Only just worsening it. Even with the backup you asked for to restore it on our other site; which we provided. To which you never implemented. Thus you decided to dodge it and throw blame. You then leave posts for a brief second to then only run off. There is no professionalism in anything your staff have displayed thus far.

As stated we have made your actions public as well as all the statements created from our staff thus far. After speaking to a few hundred more of your users. There will be enough to write a few pieces together and media content of a justified review of your services. To forward to the vast number of media outlets we've reached out to thus far. This will be an ongoing thing. Especially for sites that tend to compare web hosting services. As we transition onto our newer platform. Given we have thousands of content on our site. Hopefully you do not manage to break anything else before we completely make this move. After doing so with our current account. We will then proceed with making the same transition with our other accounts. As well as those we recommended to your services over the course of these past few years. Given we were able to find a more stable platform.
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Message # 17 | 2:19 PM
Quote Cloned_Searos ()
As stated we did not give Paradox permission to tinker with the script of our site.

Quote Cloned_Searos ()
Paradox then went into our script to rectify the issue.

Unfortunately I still don't see how Paradox could cause any issues on your website if you didn't give him the access. I assume, you showed him the script, he made some changes and then you added it back to your website?

Quote Cloned_Searos ()
We've used your service for 4 years. Please do not tell us that it's our script.

Please understand that I'm not trying to blame you or your script, I'm actually trying to help you resolve the issue, even if you don't believe me. I'd like to ask you once again to do one thing - restore the template to the default and let me know if this resolves the issue or not. From there on we will be able to continue looking into the issue if it isn't resolved.

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Message # 18 | 2:55 PM
What you're doing is a lot of assumptions. When we are clearly telling you exactly what happened. There is nothing to read in between anything we've stated. He took it upon himself to go fourth and mess with our current site.

We gave you the benefit of the doubt. We asked for you to cooperate with us by adding the backup we provided to deadfishes.ucoz.net; which was an older version. We wanted to identify what may be the cause of the script change. Yet that has yet taken place. Thus if you truly wanted to resolve this issue. You would have cooperated with us in trying to resolve this matter post haste. Rather then spending from June 16th on a simple matter to now which is June 28th of 2016 on a more severe broken website case.

What you truly need to do is expand the upload capacity for which it requires one to add their backup. Being it makes no sense to have a limit when one wishes to upload content. Yet provide users with an ample amount of storage space. Being they'll never be able to restore their backups they've saved onto their desktop or servers. If their backups are over a certain limit.
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Message # 19 | 8:08 PM
Cloned_Searos, I will explain the matter, for the third time now: Unless you didn't give Paradox the login details of the control panel of your website, he was unable to make ANY modifications to your site or its scripts. What he originally meant was that he will have a look at the source code of your website, which is available for everyone visiting your website. You can view the source code of any website with the developer tools of your browser. As you didn't give Paradox access to your resources, he was just unable to do anything on your website. On the other hand, as Sunny already stated, we never make any changes on the websites of our users unless such thing is asked directly by them.

Please, understand that the script error does not come from our fault, nor Paradox's, as we haven't made any modifications to the design elements of your website. You keep accusing and blaming us for something we haven't even done.

As Sunny asked two times in a row, please, try to restore the original template of your website using the "Restore default template" button, to identify whether the issue is caused by one of your scripts or not. I highly believe that one of your scripts conflicts with the system resources, therefore they do not work as they are supposed to. Before you restore your templates, be sure to create a template backup in the Control Panel -> Design management -> Template backup section.

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Message # 20 | 10:14 PM
Read this carefully:

Before coming onto the forum section. There was 3 issues and I'll say this once more. There was only 3 issues regarding our site that we knew of. None which involved the template.

You can say whatever it is you believe you wish to. It does not change the fact that the moment Paradox started going through our site. Was the exact moment our site template itself broke. If you were not present at that very exact moment. Please refrain from trying to say what did and did not happen.

Also, we do not require you to repeat the same lines over. Being as we have stated time and time again. We opened up a new site; which we used the default template. Then we clearly stated we then tried the current script on the new site. Just to see if it was any different.

Had you been properly paying attention. We then asked for them to add the current backup onto the new site. Thus so we can see how to rectify the issue ourselves. Being the current template works with other features of our sites scripts. Thus we need the full backup to perform the task; which we provided. As we were told to give. To which was never applied.

Had the tech staff just did what was asked of them. Things may or may not have been resolved more swiftly. Instead, all we have been receiving was hesitation through out this whole process.

If you could not comprehend what I've stated thus far. I'll repeat it again. We came in for 3 issues that did not involve the template. Your staff took a look. Then broke the template. To which we are now facing the problem we came in with. On top of the issue that presented itself after they got their hands involved in it; which broke our site's template.

Also, as I stated earlier. Adding additional updates and features to all user platforms; while not making it optional. Is a major fumble on your staff's part. Every webhosting platform provides that very exact option. In order to not conflict with it clients interface or site. These features are optional and applied as updates. Yet in Ucoz case. They'll apply these updates without notifying or giving it's user the option of these added additional features that may effect their sites. We are not new users. We do not own just 1 site. We are which will be soon 'were' paying clients of a multitude of different sites on this platform for some spanning from 3 to 4 years now. Every complication we have faced has never once been from our end. You have to understand we are spent and exhausted by this level of inefficiency of this site. It's been nearly 2 weeks and nothing has changed. Thus we are already going fourth with everything we've stated thus far.
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Message # 21 | 8:41 AM
Hi All,

Sorry for jumping. As I check, this could come from this code. I have tried and it is success.


Hope this help.
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Message # 22 | 9:14 AM
Cloned_Searos, the veracity of the claims you are presenting here is beginning to fall well below that which is acceptable. Before things are taken further on any account, I would like to set precedence here by stating the following.

1. You as a uCoz user, using the username Cloned_Searos posted new threads multiple times here on the uCoz Community Support Forum regarding your issue. Although I was somewhat aware the uCoz Technical Support department was assisting you, as a volunteer forum user I thought it might be nice if you had an independent opinion regarding the problem.

2. As a volunteer forum user I Paradox have no access to the information, database, templates, code, files, or management capabilities of any uCoz account which the uCoz Technical Support department and other uCoz staff may have access to. As both bigblog, and Sunny, stated previously within the immediate thread, unless you had provided me with the log in information to your website's Control Panel, it is not possible for me to edit, change, manipulate, update, or adjust the information, database, templates, code, or files stored as part of your website on the uCoz system.

3. After first navigating to the website within the browser, I identified and confirmed the errors as reported here on the uCoz Community Support Forums regarding the broken [sic] site menu, chatbox, and AJAX functionalities (refer to first post in this thread for further information).

From there, utilising the well known developer extension FireBug, I monitored the requests and script calls being sent from your website through my browser. Many were - and presumably are - resolving to errors. After confirming this error was not occurring widespread throughout the server by looking for any similar reports here on the forum - of which there were no other reports - I began to look at your website's live source code, again using FireBug, to identify any possible scripts which would be conflicting with the existing uCoz scripts.

After identifying a wide range of possibilities, which I was unfortunately unable to narrow down to a specific script, I responded here on the uCoz forums advising you the following:

Quote Paradox ()
As to your situation, from what I can ascertain this is certainly a script collision issue. Have you recently installed any new third party scripts onto your website? Or would you know of any updates that have been made to the third party scripts running on your website?

Technically there are a lot of issues stemming from the custom scripting on your website, so I've attempted to identify as best I can what may be causing the problems. The most likely candidates are any and all cross-domain scripting (so the Imgur, Cooliris, etc.), as well as most PHP resolved scripts. Unfortunately although a convenient manner of including custom scripts is via PHP sourcing, the lack of the third party knowledge regarding the scripts already in place by the uCoz system make it far better to write your own custom scripts, or at least implement your own ECMAScript via storing it on the uCoz hosting and not including it from a third party location.

You chose not to accept this response - further correspondence can be read in the immediate thread.

That is the entire recount of actions taken on my part in regard to this thread, outside of communicating with Sunny regarding the outcome of technical support investigations - of which I let you know in my second post within the immediate thread.

Again I would like to reiterate that as a volunteer user here on the uCoz Community Support forums I in no form or method have access to or knowledge of the functionalities contained with the uCoz system to edit, change, manipulate, update, or adjust the information, database, templates, code, or files stored as part of your website on the uCoz system without you having prior provided me the log in details. Which we both know, you did not.

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Message # 23 | 2:51 PM
Paradox we can also make a number list to identify and list the things that took place in precise order.

1). We addressed you in the Ucoz forum tech section in concerns of our website. After being neglected by technical support for about a week in our control panel.

2). You changed the theme of our control panel to blue; which was originally black(for 4 years). To which can only be done if in the actual control panel or as an Administrator on our site. At the same time of that incidence.

3). After rummaging through our site. The site's template was then broken.

4). Thousands of our users witnessed accounts to this in real-time.

5). Later not only was our template broken. Yet 1 of the Containers; which host our donation list. To which is part of the template. Was then altered. To which changed the Name Listings in our Donation List to a prior state. Thus any argument about not being able to alter our site we know for a fact is pure rubbish. Being for years. Only I alone have the responsibility in monitoring and making any alterations to the panel. To which only I and 1 other Co-Owner in our team have access to the Control Panel. To which he hasn't used since 2013. Since all of our actions are shared and recorded on a joint network from our different locations. We know when a change occurs within our staff/team. Meaning only an outside party with the privilege to do so made these slight changes.

As stated over and over again. We can care less for the repeated excuses and fabrications. We are already migrating all of our sites to a different platform. As we suggested to all of our affiliated sites and alliances as well.

The reviews and reports are still being issued. As others are being formulated.

Your service provided 0 ways of helping or cooperating with us through out this ordeal. Yet only managed to escalate the matter after involvement. We are moving from this entirely. This has been the worse form of service we have faced on any platform thus far. Yet if not for this experience. We would have never of found a more reliable user interface. We will continue using this service till we have fully transfered all of our content over to our newer location. Yet once this has been completed. We are keeping a distance from any future services you wish to provide. Too many continued errors and poor responses over a given course of time warranted this change in our current dynamic of wanting to run healthier websites.

Added (2016-06-29, 2:51 PM)

We will check your suggestion out. Thank you for an actual informal type of assistance. Rather then a display of excuses and re-directions(finger pointing).


We tried testing that theory out on the backup site http://deadfishes.ucoz.net/. Didn't seem to help out. Yet it could be because a few key features are missing that is required from the backup we were yet to be provided with.

Yet thank you for the assistance.
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Message # 24 | 3:15 PM
Cloned_Searos, on a particular note, if you still don't believe us, check the Action log in your Control Panel » Security » Action log » s.log ( - http://take.ms/MqhLU - ). Here you can find ALL the login sessions that happened on your site's control panel. If you see an Australian IP address there (which I'm more than sure you won't see), it means that Paradox has been logging into your control panel. I'm sure you won't see unless you've provided the login details to somebody from Australia. You still keep accusing him of something that's not even his fault, in the first place.

ucozpp, thanks for your help. Let's hope this will solve the issue of Cloned_Searos.

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Message # 25 | 4:03 PM
bigblog, In the Control Panel after Going into Settings. There is only Common Settings. Then even when accessing that. We currently do not see an Action Log section. To locate a s.log.

Also, there is no such thing as repeated coincidences. That works within the same time frame. A site does not magically breaks itself over a course of several years. A panel doesn't magically changes it's own theme. Nor does a template decide to revert to a previous state. Altering its Donation List by itself. Unless someone willed it to do so. Thus please desist from trying to make it seem as some phantom source other then your own staff has made these occurrences possible. That's a complete farce and these sort of statements is what is currently making us truly loathe your services. To which is why we have been documenting every occurrence and responses thus far in chronological order. As we provided it onto very reliable social threads and sites.

Not a single web hosting provider/site we spoke to as of yet. Believe that a web hosting service could not grant themselves access to its user/client accounts and or panels. Not a single source believes your testimony. We backed up every statement by providing the documented Times, Posts, Subtle Changes, and Incidents as they unfolded in chronological order. As we showed the lack of actual Support by Tech Support in a 2 weeks period of time.

If you're going to provide assistance. Then we can appreciate that. Yet do not insult our intelligence by saying its our end that has caused these unimaginable changes to our site. After not having 1 incident that resulted in a slight site corruption in a 4 year span. Yet what we can recall is every dilemma that revolved around our site. Resulted from slip ups provided by your own staff or service. To which is exactly why we clearly stated when contacting Tech Support. Was that they do no break our site in the process, because we know how poorly a situation is handled once tech support becomes involved. That which was proven by recent actions. Given we were/are going through the trivial task of trying to rectify yet another major incident on Ucoz's end that effected our site.
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Message # 26 | 1:03 AM
I am not sure if I understand your issue correctly. As your first explanation, there is something wrong with Menu and anything related you ajax window of uCoz.

I have followed the instruction from ucoz.pp to remove the following code from your side and it worked.

I try to view source and copy then upload to my uCoz site.
This is full code from your side.


And this is the one I already removed mycountdown code and it works.


I think your countdown widget has been updated by their sides. According to web archive, their previously JS code is totally different from now.

The following code is from mycoundown widget.
var script_loaded_cd;(function(){function loadScript(url,callback){var script=document.createElement("script")
if(typeof window.script_loaded_cd=='undefined'){window.script_loaded_cd=true;loadScript("http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.9.1.min.js",function(){jsheader_digital_cd();var script1=document.createElement('script');script1.type="text/javascript";script1.src="http://code.jquery.com/ui/1.10.1/jquery-ui.js";document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].insertBefore(script1,null);});}})();function jsheader_digital_cd()
{window.localtd_cd=true;var script=document.createElement('script');script.type="text/javascript";script.src="http://mycountdown.org/js_widget/jcountdown.min.js";document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].insertBefore(script,null);var script1=document.createElement('script');script1.type="text/javascript";script1.src="http://mycountdown.org/js_widget/jquery.countdown.min.js";document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].insertBefore(script1,null);var url="http://mycountdown.org/js_widget/jcountdown.css";if(document.createStyleSheet)
{var link1=document.createElement('link');link1.type="";link1.rel="stylesheet";link1.href="http://mycountdown.org/js_widget/jcountdown.css";document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].insertBefore(link1,null);}
var script2=document.createElement('script');script2.type="text/javascript";script2.src="http://mycountdown.org/js_widget/jsnow.min.js";document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].insertBefore(script2,null);}
function clock_init_function92176(){initCounter({container_id:'counter_container92176',event_time:1467303480,gbc:'#0e17ff',gfc:'#',gtc:'#fdfdfd',ghb:0,ghf:'',fna:'',ims:'',text1:'Billing Due Date',text2:'Help Our Site and Services. By Reaching Our Goal',gsize:150,gid:'',goURL:'http://mycountdown.org/Event/New_Season/widget/',UTCoffset:0,background:'',format:'compact'});}window.addEventListener('load',function(){clock_init_function92176();digital_onload("#counter_container92176");},true);document.write('<div id="counter_container92176" style="margin:0;padding:0"></div>')

There are a lot of CSS and JQuery from countdown want to insert into your site.

This attachment is FYR.

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Message # 27 | 2:38 AM
The code you're working with is the edited version of our script. Yet you can still see the site is broken. If you look at the splits between template containers. As well as the center alignment of the posts and titles. You'll see the difference. Carefully look at http://web.archive.org/web/20160306102125/http://deadfish-encod.es/ and http://web.archive.org/web....ttp

You're working off of the code for deadfishencod.es; which was edited(removed key features) to be at least presentable for our followers.

When the one you might need to focus on is the template code for deadfishes.ucoz.com

Had you of come before Paradox. Then that might of resolved our issue. Yet given now our template was broken after their involvement. We face more then the issue you resolved; which was our original issue. If only you came 1st. Maybe this would of been resolved more smoothly. Besides the current escalated results of our site.

Hence why we wanted to apply the backup to deadfishes.ucoz.com. Thus so we could test as many scenarios as possible. To see if it fixed all the issues we asked; which it seems you were the only other person who comprehended exactly what we were trying to fix. Yet even so. We had that feature(countdown) up before we re-directed the site back; which corresponded fine with the site perfectly. Yet if it was the only thing that needed to be removed to fix our site as a whole. We would of done so. Yet given how everything is now completely broken. To which we have no way of knowing how to resolve this. We're just opting to switch platforms.

Given we came to only fix 3 issues:

1). Non working Chat Box (Refreshed Page After Hitting 'OK'. While not displaying typed text)
2). Error after Saving a 'Add New Entry' (https://s32.postimg.org/towj6nped/Site_Error.png)
3). As well as the feature you displayed for the Site Menu that opened and made viewable the Drop Down Tabs.

Till they managed to break everything else.

Now some users are stating they can't even log into their own accounts.

Yet thank you for trying to assist us.
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Message # 28 | 6:14 AM
Cloned_Searos, I have edited my previous message with the correct path to the Action log. Please, follow it and take a look.
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Message # 29 | 11:54 AM
No offense. Yet nothing you've done thus far is informal. Also, even if we checked. We wouldn't be surprised if the history was wiped. Given the same way we can alter user comments and text chats. It wouldn't be hard for a Site Admin or Owner log history to not appear in the panel logs or to be easily removed.

We do not wish to see talks of, "No, it can't be me." When these changes weren't brought upon themselves. We want to talk to those who would rather assist us. Compared to those who would rather deflect the blame. We are not children and this is not a school yard. We're an organized staff/team of adults seeking proper assistance in trying to rectify an issue; which apparently some people seem to understand the message. If you're not presenting anything constructional to Tech Support. Please refrain from continuing any further. Being you are only distracting and straying away from the main issue.

Those only with solutions should present themselves. Anything else is distractive and not needed.

Let your site and 1 of your source of income go through these sudden changes. Then have tech support give you the run around. While deflecting from the issues and not providing actual support. Then see how you handle or correspond to years of this constant inappropriate and unprofessional behavior.

Added (2016-06-30, 11:54 AM)
Some time today or tomorrow. We will be redirecting our site to a fundraising page to cover our losses. Unless there is assistance in trying to restore our backup to deadfishes.ucoz.net. Thus so we can run a few tests to see how to resolve the predicament. We do not wish to speak on this any further. Given that anything else is not support. Yet distractive useless statement(s) that will not resolve the matter; which defies what Tech Support is initially suppose to be.
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Message # 30 | 12:00 PM
Cloned_Searos, I'm sorry, but I will repeat this one more time: Paradox is a volunteer, he is not a uCoz employee, and he has no access to your account or any other user account except for his own. It is technically impossible for him to access your website's Control Panel and change there anything. Therefore I will really appreciate if you refrain from accusing Paradox of the things he couldn't (and wouldn't) do.

Quote Cloned_Searos ()
Not a single web hosting provider/site we spoke to as of yet. Believe that a web hosting service could not grant themselves access to its user/client accounts and or panels.

I've never said the tech support couldn't access your account. They can and they did - to help you, to find the issue on your website. But they did not change anything on your website. Unfortunately they were unable to identify the exact script causing the issue, and suggested that you try to restore the template to the default. Once again, please note that Paradox is not tech support, and not even a uCoz employee.

Our tech support may not be perfect, but we are trying to help each user that asks for it. You contacted our team here and through your CP, yet you ignore our suggestions. You are frustrated because certain features on your website aren't working. That's understandable. But accusing everyone around won't solve the issue.

The backup has been uploaded to your test website. Before restoring the backup, be sure to delete the backup files you have already uploaded to File Manager.

I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
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