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File Manager
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Message # 1 | 12:36 PM
Useful information

  • The maximum length of the file name with extension is 45 characters.
  • The maximum size of the uploaded file is 15 Mb.
  • Not more than 200 files and folders can be situated on one nesting level.
  • The name of the file may contain only Latin letters, numbers, flatworm and minus symbols Files with identical names will be re-saved(substituted).
  • The link to the file can be obtained by clicking on its name.
  • When you remove the catalog, its content is removed to.


How to create a folder in File Manager?
Use the button in the upper right corner.

I would like to allow some users groups to have access to some of File Manager folders (not the whole File Manager). Is it possible to do it this way?
No. Users may upload files and images via “File-archive” and “Image”options in some of the modules.

How to make an uploader on the website? I want all the users to upload their music and photos there. I do not want to change group permissions as it is complicated to find File Manager. I want the uploader to be on the website itself.
There are lots of services, which provide uploading and hosting services. There is no need in wasting your disk space for it. All the users will have to do is to add links to their files.

See more about other ways of uploading files here: http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/10-13848-1#79682
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Message # 31 | 8:54 AM
khen, so it is or is not still encountering a problem? It may have been a temporary bug caused by the browser?
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Message # 32 | 1:01 PM
Recently, there's an issue regarding the scrollbar of the File Manager when using Chrome. I can scroll in the File Manager with my mouse scroll but I cannot use the scrollbar while pressing it with left-click of the mouse.

I noticed that Chrome is updating its user interface.

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Message # 33 | 1:09 PM
khen, yes, I can confirm the problem and will forward it further.
I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
uCoz Community » uCoz Modules » Additional Features » File Manager (Everything about File Manager is here)
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