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Banner Rotator
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Message # 1 | 10:01 AM
Banner Rotator is a feature that permits to display several banners at one spot in random order.

Before you create a banner you must first create at least one category. Then click on the button Add banner.

Banner type: See the description below.

Banner name: This is an internal name, for you to distinguish one banner form another. So give your banners informative names.

Category: A category combines banners into one unit, i.e. if you insert a category script on a page different banners from this one category will be shown in one place.

Full URL of banner image: Here you must enter full URL of a banner image.

Width/height: If all 7 images are of the same size you can set their size, different from the real one. If you leave the fields blank an image will be displayed in its real size.

Site address (URL): Here you must enter the URL of a site which must open when someone clicks on the banner. You can also select the following option – open in a new window (_blank), in the current window (_top).

Text to be displayed under the banner: Any text that describes the image.

Priority: the higher the priority is, the more often the banner is displayed.
You can set Initial number of exposures: and Initial number of clicks:
You can also limit banner exposure by setting the Max. number of exposures: and Max. number of clicks:

A banner may be displayed not immediately: you can set Starting date of banner exposure: and can limit the exposure by setting Expire date of banner exposure: or Weekdays when the banner is exposed:

The form changes depending on a banner type.
1. If a banner is a .jpg, .gif, .png image then the system adds an IMG tag to the image URL, and the form looks like this:

2. If it is a flash banner the system adds an EMBED tag to the image URL, and the form looks like this:

3. If a banner is a simple hyperlink text the system displays this text as a link, and the form looks like this:

4. If you want to add some other code select the banner type “Full code” and the system will display it as it is, and the form will look like this:

Don’t forget to select a category of the banner.

One and the same banner can have up to 7 different images which will be displayed in turn.

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Message # 91 | 2:07 AM
Please am also a newbie, I have filled the banner rotator form from category to status, please what else should I do?
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Message # 92 | 6:45 AM
babytiler10, first of all, in order to use the banner rotator feature, you need to create a category: http://take.ms/wNlWE . You can give any name to this category - it doesn't matter, but it will help to see things better if you're going to add even more categories.

After you have created your category, follow the steps described in the post. smile If you encounter any difficulty with one of the fields, just let us know so that we can help you!

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