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Message # 61 | 5:29 PM
I need to know what size (in pixels) is video, which I insert from youtube with [video][/video] tags.

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Very interesting ...

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Message # 62 | 3:09 PM
Standart size of youtube video is 425X344
it is default size for embed code smile

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Message # 63 | 2:05 AM
When I embed a youtube video my menus go underneath it. Go on the home page and click polls archive and you'll see that it is behind the player. How do I fix this? thx.
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Message # 64 | 2:24 AM
I see no problem, when I click poll archive, the "archive box" displays over the video.
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Message # 65 | 2:29 AM
ok maybe something on my end.
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Message # 66 | 2:41 AM
It could be your browser, try a different browser or number.
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Message # 67 | 2:18 PM
I checked your site and the video also was over the Polls Archive window.
I've seen a thread with this same problem some time ago.
The script of the video is blocking the script of the Poll Archive window.

Add the video using the Multimedia tab, as shown below:

Then just copy the generated JavaScript code, and paste it where you want the video to appear.

I hope this helps you out.

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Message # 68 | 10:40 PM
when i try to use embed or uploading it doesn't have a button that lets you add it please help me cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry
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Message # 69 | 3:52 AM
Show us a screen shot.
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Message # 70 | 4:03 PM
i upload a video (swf) & quote in topic of forum. right thit
& it is not work

Not supported video service. Please use for your video files.
What can I do?

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I don't want to upload this video on youtube

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Message # 71 | 4:57 PM
pakura, I think with [video] code videos works only from Youtube, you can use html code to insert it. Something like this:
<object width="550" height="400">
<param name="movie" value="somefilename.swf">
<embed src="somefilename.swf" width="550" height="400">

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Message # 72 | 8:15 PM
jarrett, are you logged in as administrator?
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Message # 73 | 9:43 AM
admins, i want to put video code like youtube on my forum but it doesnt appear when i tried to copy paste. nothing happens.. is putting of videos in forum not allowed?
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Message # 74 | 10:34 AM
atkhenz, it is allowed. What is the code you are trying to put?
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Message # 75 | 11:34 AM
is it possible to make a littel module that allows over members of the site to upload things and put them up there, like in the photo albums?