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Wildcard for URI ID pages
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Message # 1 | 6:15 PM
I have added a header to a section of the forum that is different than the main one by using <?if($URI_ID$='frForum')?>

It shows up fine in the section... but when entering a thread in that section the main header shows.

Is there a wildcard or global code that can be used inside the (if $URI_ID$) that would include all under that forum section ?

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Message # 2 | 10:22 AM
Clyde, I don't quite understand your request unfortunately. Are you wanting to target specific forums once inside a thread? Or all forums rather than a specific forum?

If the latter; why not create a <?if(!$FORUM_ID$ == "X")?> condition if you only want the main header to show for an individual forum?

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Message # 3 | 5:07 PM

We have a hidden subforum.

The subforum's URI is 'frForumx'.

I have added a different header to <?if($URI_ID$='frForumx')?>

It works @ frForumx - the new header shows up fine @ that address.

But when entering a 'thread' in that subforum (frForumx), the main forum header (which is different) is in view. (ie. frForumx-217 and etc.)

My question:
Are there any 'variables' that can be added to '?if' statement that would include all threads under 'frForumx' so that the new header created for that subforum is viewed @ also all threads of that subforum ?

Added (2017-01-11, 5:07 PM)
the <?if(!$FORUM_ID$ == "X")?> you posted above does not work.

the <?if($URI_ID$='frForum')?> that I am using works only @ the main page of the subforum - not threads tho. I need for it to work @ the 'subforum's' threads too.

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Message # 4 | 9:19 PM
Hey Clyde,

unfortunately, you can't unless you make it for every created thread.
Because the thread pages are using other IDs, here is a example how the IDs do look like for the threads.

URI_ID => frTread1
PAGE_ID => threadpage
MODULE_ID => forum

Unless you find a nice way with javascript..


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Message # 5 | 1:14 AM
Clyde, instead of URI try $CUR_SECTION_NAME$
Hit that "Thanks" button. :)
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Message # 6 | 1:51 PM
Quote VZ ()
Clyde, instead of URI try $CUR_SECTION_NAME$

No that did not work - what worked was $CUR_FORUM_NAME$ biggrin

Thanks VZ - your suggestion led me to the solution wink

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