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Payments via SMS (SmsCoin)

1. Sign up at

When filling in the fields, pay attention to the field Purse #. The system will transfer the money to the specified payment details.

2. Confirm the account by means of the code sent to your email.

3. Log in to your account and select the item Purses on the left column.

4. Click "New" on the page that will open.

5. Fill in the first two fields and select the countries which you plan to work with (for which SMS payments will be available).

Leave other fields empty for now.

6. Go to your website Control Panel -> E-shop -> Payment and delivery methods, currencies and rates. Add a new payment method and name it, e.g., SMS.

Then mark "Use e-payment module" and select SmsCoin on the drop-down list.

7. Open "Module settings".

8. To fill in the fields you need to go back to your account at

Go to the section Purses once again (see item 3). This time it is not empty.

Copy the ID and paste it into the corresponding field in the E-shop section.

Then open your sms:purse for editing.

Copy the contents of the Secret code field into Secret Key.

Fill in the bottom fields of your sms:purse as it is specified in the E-shop section. (Do not forget to put a checkmark for Active it you want to be able to accept payments at once).

Save the settings in your sms:purse and the e-payment module settings.

9. Now goods can be paid for by means of SMS.

10. Pay attention to the exchange rate of your E-shop currency to SmsCoin currency! To understand how much you will get and how much a customer will pay, examine the sections Tarification and Calculator.

When accepting SMS, you as a seller get not all the amount paid by a customer, as some percentage is taken by the operator. Therefore you have two choices:
1. Add the percentage to an item price, and therefore increase the price when paying via SMS. (In this case this payment method is less attractive for customers).
2. Do not add the percentage to the price, and therefore get less profit. (In this case this payment method is less profitable for you).

Depending on what you choose, enter an exchange rate into the following field:

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mdifraheemkhan, forum staff speaks English only, we cannot provide help in your native language.
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