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There is always the chance that one day you may log on to find you are unable to access your server for one reason or another. When we release Server Updates however we inform users of what servers are unavailable and not specific domains. Therefore comes the requirement for users to be able to determine which uCoz server their site is hosted on. There are a number of ways to do this when your site is unavailable as such listed below.

Method: 1

Please follow the steps below to locate the server your site is hosted on.

1. Press Ctrl + R to open the Run dialogue.
2. Type in cmd and select OK.
3. In the window that opens, type in ping then press Enter (Return).
4. Locate the target IP by locating the IP address within the square brackets in the first line of the response. Open the IP listing (under a spoiler) at and search for the IP and associated server name.

Method: 2

Method 2 fortunately takes away all the guesswork and requirement of traceroutes, pings, and ip checking. Assuming of course the service is available at the time. To start open and wait until it has loaded up in your browser window. In the input field type out the URL of your site ( and click Check. The form will then return the name of the server which your uCoz site is hosted on.

If your server is unavailable or you are currently experiencing access difficulties you can check the status of known/reported server problems at this thread here:
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