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Quarantine, Newly Setup Site
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Message # 1 | 9:14 PM
"Unfortunately we cannot remove the quarantine for your web for your website yet because the website lacks content."

This is the message I get when attempting to remove quarantine from my site - mailscan.pro

Now, I've jumped through every hoop I can imagine (described in various places), but the these vague messages and details get me no closer to understanding why removing quarantine is not possible. Is it ever possible? I'm starting to think that, no, it is never possible. Every new message or post I read makes this less clear.

There is zero indication as to what "enough content" means either. A number of blog posts? A certain size of files? Some amount of image files on the server? Number of times a file was edited? How many times the template changed? How much is enough and doesn't that limitation make it just about 100% impossible for someone designing something minimal? What's the logic here? With only one quarantine removal request per seven day period too, coupled with that impossible captcha code, this all feels very disappointing.

If these are the unobtainable lengths you need to go to protect yourselves from actual spam sites, you probably shouldn't attempt to host a legitimate sites at all. Seems like it anyway.

In addition, there is little or no reason I think - through all this - that I'd want to pay for this service with such poor documentation, poor descriptions of errors, lack of support details, and generally a punitive approach to users they need (IE the ones like me that would consider paying if all went well). I'm the kind of user you want, one that wants to support the good work you do.
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Message # 2 | 2:59 AM
Same here.
Can't someone just contact support to remove the quarantine?

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Message # 3 | 1:34 PM
Seems like UCoz is a ghost town at this point. Ah, finding the strange, empty flickering lights of the fringe, barely-working Internet.
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Message # 4 | 5:05 PM
kevin1978, blogthetech, if you want your websites to be moved from quarantine you need to contact customer support via the CP. Also, you may check this guide: https://forum.ucoz.com/forum/3-20161-1
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Message # 5 | 2:50 AM
For all you folks reading this thread who might have no clue, Gromov just refered to contacting customer support by way of the CP - this is likely the "Control Panel", but he's not going to type all of that out. For us dummies that don't get the Ucoz lingo, we get to the "CP" by adding /panel/?a=cp to our domain. For example: h**p://ucoz.hatesyou.com/panel/?a=cp

But, remember, no deep link to that "contact page" is provided, nor is there any context as far as what Gromov does at Ucoz (if indeed he does work here). "Contact customer support" may simply be a metaphor for "Click the button that did nothing for you ten minutes ago that you can't press again for seven days." Yea, that "Remove Quarantine" button.

Also, he links to the painfully vague, mostly useless, absolutely frustrating non-guide that says (among other condescending things) "We cannot provide a more detailed description of the algorithm." - yep, that's a super-secret like the Coca-Cola formula or eleven herbs and spices. They probably have that "algorithm" hidden under a pile of coffee stained hatemail.

There is no chance, however, that by creating a topic, writing a subject, adding three hundred words to the body and posting it could possibly be construed as me "Contacting support" or "asking for the removal of quarantine" (or even replying with 300 more words, but who's counting). No, because that would be obvious, and that would mean removing quarantine is possible. But, again, all signs are pointing to not.

I'm actually glad I don't know the secret recipe.

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Message # 6 | 5:59 PM
kevin1978, you are overreacting

Newly Setup Site

found your problem

quarantine can be removed when you have actual content in your content modules, default texts are replaced, your website is at least a few weeks old etc etc etc.

Quote kevin1978 ()
we get to the "CP" by adding /panel/?a=cp to our domain

if you've seen the control panel at least once you'd probably realize what CP means in this context. Obviously it stands for Club Penguin.

also adding /admin to your URL or just clicking on the designated link is enough, i don't see what's so confusing here TBH

hey i'm joe and i do not work for the company anymore, sorry for the late replies
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