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Everything about design #793 goes here!
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Message # 61 | 5:54 AM
LunaNight, Go to CP -> Customize design ( CSS) -> Search for :



and replace the part in Red into your desired background image.


Best regards.

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Message # 62 | 5:55 AM
well. i meant a url for the website not the image however if the problem is on
here is the solution go to the CSS under the body add the following

background: url('');​

and then search for #city and remove the background or replace it with your own.

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Message # 63 | 1:37 AM
thanks for ur help smile
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Message # 64 | 10:10 PM
hi how to change standart avatar for web,i dont hawe avatar map in file manager
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Message # 65 | 10:49 AM
Canabiz, do you mean the header image?

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Message # 66 | 9:59 PM
Have a problem.
Tried to put custome background but website broke.
Wathever i do only reset template restotes the original image.
Did everytnhing i can but nothing.
pls help cry :'(

PS: Any template that uses CSS brake instantly with custome images
PS2: Mainly happens on Chrome and i need it to work on it
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Message # 67 | 4:46 PM
SmartArrow, you can check this guide (in russian only, sorry, but translator will do the trick):
uCoz Community » For Webmasters » Design Customization » Everything about design #793 goes here!