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Everything about design #591 goes here
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Message # 1 | 7:06 AM

Editing my website has left me a bit confused and frustrated. I am fairly inexperienced with using Ucoz and hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Any edit I make under design management(templates)using the visual editor or regular html saves in the control panel, but does not actually publish to the website. I thought that maybe it was simple matter of being restricted, but changes I make using the quick substitution do publish.

For example, I am using Design 591. I want to remove the doctor from the logo. If i go into the control panel and make changes such as inserting a different set of photos, everything wiill appear fine in the page editor and save. When I go to the actual website however, the doctor is still there. If i use the quick substitution I can easily swap the doctor with another photo.

I am sure there is something simple I am missing, but it's late, and now I have a headache. If anybody could give me pointers I would really appreciate it.

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Message # 2 | 9:52 AM
Quote (KantankerousRex)
I am using Design 591

Here is a brief page you could get some ideas from http://forum.ucoz.com/forum/42-2596-1

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Message # 3 | 10:08 AM
Pancake, he doesn't have a custom template

KantankerousRex, go to CP ---> Design ---> Design management (templates) ---> site pages and more pages ---->



<td width="40%" height="60" align="right"><img src="/.s/t/591/2.gif" border="0"></td>


<td align="right" height="220" valign="top"><img src="/.s/t/591/6.gif" border="0"></td>


/.s/t/591/2.gif and /.s/t/591/6.gif to your image

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Message # 4 | 12:41 PM
I reset the template and just changed the two images /.s/t/591/2.gif and /.s/t/591/6.gif. I could see the changes with visual html viewer, but when I go to my actual site there is no change.
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Message # 5 | 5:29 PM
KantankerousRex, provide your website URL and it is better not to do such changes via Visual Editor.
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Message # 6 | 2:43 PM
My URL is http://kantankerousrex.ucoz.com/

Right now using a different design than 591 but would still really like to switch to it.

I figured out that if i copied the code I edited in design management into the template builder, it will publish. Unfortunately everything I have tried so far has turned into a total mess.

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Message # 7 | 3:05 PM
KantankerousRex, we recommend to use Visual Editor for small changes only. We suggest to change logo or make other substantial changes in the HTML mode only.
To change the website logo – customize the template of the Top part of the website or the Style sheet CSS in Control panel: Design->Design management (templates). Before customizing the template do the backup copy of the template in the menu item “Design”
You need to be more specific, which exact changes do you want to make to your website. Provide a screenshot of what do you want to be changed.
uCoz Community » For Webmasters » Design Customization » Everything about design #591 goes here (Customizing Templates)
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