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Private messages
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Message # 1 | 1:51 PM
Features and differences from PHP forums:

1. Total of 200 PMs are kept. All received PMs are saved, you can’t change it, you can only delete them.

2. If you don’t delete PMs manually and their number reaches 200, the oldest PMs will be automatically deleted if you receive a new one.

3. Administrators can’t read other users’ PMs. And this feature won’t be added in future (privacy of correspondence).

4. Smileys in PMs can be enabled in Module settings and confirmed in User Groups settings. In User Groups settings you can also enable BB codes in PMs.

5. Message length is limited to 1000 characters.

<?IF($IS_NEW_PM$)?><a href="javascript://" id="upml" onclick="window.open('$PM_URL$','pmw','scrollbars=1,top=0,left=0,resizable=1,width=680,height=350');  return false;">[img]http://YOUR_SITE_URL/prt.gif[/img]</a>($UNREAD_PM$)<?ELSE?><a href="javascript://" id="upml" onclick="window.open('$PM_URL$','pmw','scrollbars=1,top=0,left=0,resizable=1,width=680,height=350');  return false;">Private messages</a> <?ENDIF?>

This code will help you to get a blinking or any other button when you receive a new PM, a number of unread messages in brackets and a link to a pop-up window when you click on it or on the image.

How can I see the private messages of users? I am the website owner and want to see the PM's of users.
You can't. Private messages are PRIVATE.

How to send a PM automatically, i.e. as soon as a user has registered he receives a private message automatically from the administration?
By standard means it is not possible. The system will send an email to the user's email address.

I have added the $UNREAD_PM$ code. But the number of unread messages is always displayed as zero and new messages are not colored red.
The system reacts to a new PM within 10 minutes, you just need to wait.

How can I delete a PM which was accidentally sent to a wrong user, I don’t want him to read it?
You can’t.

I can’t find the option "Notify by e-mail about new private messages". Where is it?
It is on the profile page.

Some users of my website have a sound "private message" playing each time they enter the site, though they don’t have new PMs. Why is it so?
Restore default forum templates or resave them.

PM is not working on my website – when I click on it an empty window opens.
Restore the default PM template.

I have already read the last PM but there is still an alert.
Delete cookies.

Is it possible to delete all users’ PMs?
No, you can delete only YOUR PMs.

Is it possible to let a user use PMs only after he has 50 posts in forum?
You can disable PM for the "Users" group and enable auto-transfer to the "Checked" group after a user has posted 50 messaged in forum and has confirmed his/her e-mail

What are the IDs or classes of the fields "Subject" and "Message text"?
#pmSubject and #message

Can the forum administrator send PMs to all users? If yes then how?
By means of the mass PM dispatch.

Is it possible to do the following:
1. Only the administrator can send PMs.
2. Users can only read PMs and send PMs to the administrator only.

No. Those who are not allowed to send PMs can’t read then as well.

How can I translate the text on the PM page into another language?
Partially by means of the Substitution of default phrases, partially by means of scripts.

Is it possible to block PMs from unwanted users?
You can block messages from groups only (the option "Accept private messages from the following groups only" in the profile)

I'm not active on the forum anymore. Please contact other forum staff.
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Message # 121 | 2:16 PM
Hello every one...

I have a problem, may be out of topic but I don't find a better place to post it: I don't want the PM page on a pop up window, I want it on the same same window with the general structure of the whole site (means with header, left and right sides and footer). The problem is that the system codes crashed.

An example: my header have the SC $DATE$ disappeared, and $HOME_PAGE_LINK$ now points to http://santiagotravel.ucoz.com/index/14 instead of http://santiagotravel.ucoz.com/, $COUNTER$ is also missing. The page turns into a disaster, any idea????
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Message # 122 | 4:05 PM
osmanys, unfortunately the PM page template was designed originally as a standalone template, therefore the ability to use global blocks and the majority of system codes isn't a component of the template.

I advise you piece together as much of the template as you can by copying and pasting the HTML into the PM page template. As to the direct link to the page, that would be /index/14 appended to your site URL. smile You can change the existing PM page links in your template to this and that will remove the popup function.

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Message # 123 | 4:10 PM
Paradox, yes, this seems to be the only way for now. Thanks!!
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